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Friday, February 29, 2008

prison relief

The behavior patterns of police and other governmental officials are supported by public attitude of deserving to submit to rules of law.
Maybe public attitude is too strict and punitive on itself as individual experimenters.
We pretend we want others to pay for their mistakes until we have to explain our own.
The justification costs of detailing shared experiences consumes free-time, causing more anxieties.
To pay for this form of justice, police ticket stop-sign rolling and other ridiculous victim-less "crimes" to define the common folk as more power-less, is in contrast to the power of judgment that needs the fines to pay for its existence.
The frustration of court "counseling" by high paid officials aggravates denial action rather than restoring an appreciative dismissal value of a common sense.
The minimum fine could be reduced to just paying respect by paying attention.
We have to ask for credit from those who work to get it too hard and harshly.
How do we value care-giving? (parents? teachers? doctors? mediators? lawyers?)
How can communities relax petty differences to feel more unified, without asking expounders like me to dumb-down with drink (less coffee) and drugs?
Can we develop patience to appreciate story-time and other excuses to express experiences?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Credit Insured Poetically

Insurance has become the shifting of blame to the wrong people. What if all the money I pay represent what I'll never need, so what does THAT do to concepts of credit? Responsible citizens are paying for the manipulation of mistaken ideals by covering common misfortune? Social security was a tool of genius at a time of desperation but the way IT is scape-goated as socialistic has allowed profiteers to sell concepts of service as pirated donations for their experimentation. The laws they lobby for say it is for our protection but it really has lowered their odds of payment.

What has led me to this observation is the Savings And Loan Bailout exemplifying how credit has been taken from individual freedoms and stockpiled by domination trends. Credit selling techniques appeal to a gambling spirit because that is the source, using deceptive raffle-like contests and winning rate-reductions that lured us into penalty possible reduced duration paying periods. Again the responsibility for default gambling is shifted to the dependable source of those with trusting desperation to see good. Who is paying for who's' risky examples, (now with mortgages?)

This style of profiting from the industrial revolution used production values. Taking stock in technological advancement needs more reference to information and service value that is more universal and shared. The way information and service is being withheld for profit is obviously causing dis-ease.

These growing pains prove we can't keep containing feelings in nice packaging.
The denial reflex is the power of the lobbyists to misappropriate attention needed to be paid with more balance created. Power is a symptom of unbalanced interests accumulating behind blocks from where credit is due. What we are experiencing together can't keep getting pigeon-holed as blame of others.

These explanations may not sound rational but I hope you find them poetic. Entertaining (myself) with them is my therapy.

Behavior is a tool Barak Obama is showing can be modified to discuss the broadening of sticking points. Co~Operating Systems are up-grading applications.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Freedom requirements

The people can feel good about their way of living because they are free. But you can be detained if proper identification is not in order. Your vehicle will be taken if the insurance payment is late. Property ownership revolves around imposing economic submissions. Taxes must be paid to maintains a county's validation.

If defenses are necessary, how much freedom is found in conscription? The cost of protection makes your life just another thing. The thing that is a symptom of victimization is the attitude to entitlement or withholding freedom.

Freedom is an understanding, not a thing. When American ideals tried to create the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, entitlement became undeniable. Education represents the path to find freedom but we must keep moving on it. Reflexive training allows people to be predictable.

The way capitalism leads us to believe required payments buy qualities of freedom shows how the limit of this understanding will stunt the growth of democracy as freedoms' representative.

Choice is the expandable gift of creativity. Don't let anyone let you think there aren't better choices. or ways to share experience. Restorative justice is a better view of freedom.

A punitive system of justice will always need desperation to re-create power.
The fear of death is the most primal fear of freedom.
To cure desperation would mean no abortion by choice.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Beyond recognition?

As a conceptual artist, I am illusionary so I can offer you freedom from reality. My work appreciates the benefits you can choose with attention to self interest.
Projection is a value observation I call appreciation art for art appreciation.
Choosing how to feel is the frontier of freedom.

The time we spend complaining is from attention we paid to others without choice. Victims force others to suffer their stories.
Changing the experience to find restoration is a payment.
Patience is time well spent so stop complaining.
It is critical to pay attention for what you can appreciate.

Blaming is discomfort with responsibility and will continue to teach us to share.
Learning to pay respect will share the relationship that balances health.
Healthy attitude is from partners that give us depth and perspective, that is why the second eye.

Name-calling is a defensive part of you coming out from behind denial if negative.
If "it take One to know One" then choosing a beneficial partner increases the help.
If you think I'm telling you what to do, may I make a suggestion?
The brain is mostly unbalanced to the authoritarian side.
The silent partner of the hemispheres offers the healthiest choices.

crossing back

Borderline Personality Disorder is the difference in standards we impose on others and those we hold ourselves to, beyond the point our delusions make us unrelatable.
"Do what I say, NOT what I do!"

the bradism antidote is,
Integrity recognizes itself.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Think you Feel the SPIRIT

It IS hard to believe I desire less (understanding) than your projection point. I like exceptions more than rules so you can be exceptional.
My exception is experienced appreciation of AL-ONE as desirelessness.
I speak from others not to them, observations can be judgment free.
I enter-tain myself with revelatory spontaneity, to re-form every thought.
Of being stable, I don't pretend to be.
Understanding is needed less with faith in appreciation,
praise is the prayer that lives through the heART.

Freedom hopes to encourage alternate behavior
when so much reflexive behavior
victimizes our reactions to understanding,
what if feeling overwhelmed is freedom?
enjoy it?

Don't you have to THINK you are happy?
Can you FEEL contentment?
The SPIRIT is there to enjoy (appreciation.)

risking poetic babble

Let me entertain you. Entertainment values trump the qualities list.
Start with my name, as self ACTualization!
Bradford is Celtic for the broad ford, wide crossing of the stream of consciousness.
My abstract expression of artistic living challenges the basic need for a point of relation to respond with a comfortable reflex to appreciate the respect of chaos.
Appreciation art is my conceptual approach to property values as stage sets.
Rational points exemplify how thoughts block superimposition integrity.
my OUT~lines give you credit for your own IN~sights
Good and bad is the judge of answers but it is better to keep questioning (for better or worse.)
Authority tries to explain what experience will continue to question.
My observations are screens of experience to project your authority on.
So you can cross through the ford, it must seem shallow so what was depth becomes breadth (freedom from narrowness.)
Sure, I might need to slow down the current a little more!
but I do try to let excess words drift by (risking poetic babble.)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

credit health

The way credit and insurance is sold as a product for profit is the simplest image of considerable complexity presented to accept as necessary gamble for change. The symptomatic domino debt penalty bankruptcy denial duration must be expressed blatantly confusing for submission to legal language ultimately exercises the strength to lock everyone else up as trophies of what productive gain?

What if my resistance to conventional financial approaches deserves to be outed (rather than outlawed) as a quality of free thinking the founding fathers motivated in evolutionary expression of individual equality as conceptual autonomy to become statements of rights?

Pure democratic philosophy could allow credit entitlement as expression of individual equality. This concept was well expressed as social security but how that model was used for (extortion-like) profit (by insurance companies) exposes the extremes of pathology capitalism forces on democratic health.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

conceptual proof?

Conceptual credit is the best behavior transference.
Granting credit where restorative potential can be developed is a subtle integrity.
I work at making suggestions that could circumvent complaints.

Awareness has principle qualities in order to share universal existence.
Personal standards accept these principles in patterns that grow cultures.
Laws are complaints with behavior that is beyond explanation.

The principle qualifies the teachers (standards) to emote the lessons (laws) to materialize the next generation of teachers
The inequities in the trends of cultural behavior have properties that describe standards without sounding negative as neutral observations. Such is the burden of journalism.
Complaints are the weaknesses of rationalization to not accept the concepts emotions can produce. The principle of negativity projects deficit to gain power over creativity. Complaints give credit to punishment.

Restorative justice is the concept of meditative mindfulness that allows emotions to permeate through rational reflexes to justify extreme feelings without acting on them ~ like roid-rage as a chemical imbalance that compensates by mutation.

Aspects of the formula our economy depends on is causing complaints (steroid use) to grow faster than solutions (natural patience.)

When I get too smart I answer the implications before I have experienced the true question ~ proof reading proves that!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Don't say NO!

People who don't think they deserve appreciation had misguided critical attention.

We are instructed to act "this way" and "that" as we learn to behave. Behavior has reflexes to recognize what has been best in the past for repetitive education. New behavior has risks just to be revelatory awareness. New knowledge is hard to share without been critical. The less comfortable new knowledge becomes, the easier it is to complain. We deny value from unrecognizable understanding. We can't always be just what (others or) we want us to be. Avenues of growth can become cul-de-sacs of thought, emotional intelligence appreciates with hidden paths to the next field of development.

So . . . What if Genius is the control of complaint and denial control cures depression?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

co-erection deficit

The house-price correction is a national earthquake.
The value of the foundation holds up the chance of every furnishing becoming worthless, so it is good to see car quality increasing if we have to live in them.

Wealthy advantages are concentrating toxic wastes.
Less-Consumer access to capital is shrinking economic health factors.

This is the country that took land ownership from monarchs, so we are still displaying child-like disrespect of land-rights. Manifest destiny is finally in reparation stages in Australia by honestly being sorry! There is a responsibility of maintenance that comes with land. Land and maintenance are symbols of survival that are being devalued to who's credit? The way resources are acquired has disdainful qualities that penalize the integrity of national pride. Advantages make individuals hate people as projection symptoms of their unbalanced privileges (in personality traits.)

Insurance adds integrity to timing imbalances.
Social security was inspirational like a declaration of dependence for individual equality. The concept is a national resource that can't be privatized without becoming the protection racket it has become to some fear mongers. The social contribution is becoming more sensitive as consideration grows.

Profit is based on production of products. The overhead investment represents duration factors that relate to "life-time" evolution awareness. Planned obsolescence shows the self-faith of designers (and their management.) Products that can be misused for the harm of personal and social welfare take advantage of cruelty standards.

The punitive system creates deficit amplifiers. Penalties are the opposite reaction to restorative intelligence when the recognition of needing help is so obviously ignored. The people designing the economic system don't seem to deserve the credit they want to be taking (in blame-shifting bale-outs or salaries.)

Information can be the new appreciation if a better credit is given to product transformation. The moving of production to developing counties creates a need for service industry evolution. The withholding of service and information for profit is starving our economy. Obviously, the concepts of credit and insurance can't be turned into products for profit without cheating everyone to some degree.
The need to screw each-other back is why viagra is considered medicine!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

waiting room rant

The value of awareness is either for others or it is personal;
Self-interest is the source of talent and other gifts.
Other people seem to want us to pay attention and pay respect or control yourself and act well behaved.
Family values balance between desirable and intolerable behavior models and become awareness of what cannot be chosen either by curse or gift of inheritance.
Freedom seems to start at eighteen with social expectations that were demonstrated to different degrees of awareness by role models.
How much we paid attention to experience gifts us a quality of awareness.
Consideration is most often related to thoughtfulness.
Explanation is how we judge evaluations until a feeling is expressed more personally.
Critical discomfort is considered a complaint in order to express devalued expectations. If only this could be the worse form of acting out. Then positive attitudes begin to share a better experience of restorative comfort.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Sir Gwain & King Arthur were hunting when they angered a wizard who must have been frustrated with his significant other because he threatened to curse the Kingdom if by the end of the season they couldn't answer a certain question (of,) "What do women want?" King Arthur made this Sir Gwain's quest.

Storytellers use their imagination to describe the interviews Gwain has with many women from kitchen maids to the queen herself, developing some colorful possibilities. However, at the end of his alloted time, he is not satisfied with what he is prepared to say to the wizard as he makes his way to the prearranged meeting place, perhaps Stonehenge.

Well, on the road his way is blocked by a decrepit hag struggling with her load and since he had made good time he is glad to oblige he when she offers to help him if he helps her. Safely at her destination she says she is bewitched by the same wizard and knows the answer that will satisfy his quest, but first he must agree to marry her. The spell she is under will allow her to be beautiful for half of the day but he could choose if it is from sunrise to late evening to impress the court or from bedtime til dawn, for his pleasure. Being the most gallant knight of the court, Sir Gwain said, "I will gladly marry you the way you are (to save my community) so you may have the choice."

This IS the answer, women want more choice! So the spell is broken on both King Arthur's Kingdom and beautiful maiden, cursed to be a hag.

Unfortunately choice has been confused with WANT and both men and women are enslaved to their desires (desiarrhea) and cursed with over-indulgences. Appreciation from choice is proportional to the respect it represents is shared (with diversity.)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

purpose of pointless

The hardest choice for the most feeling of freedom is chaos,
that has been the history of revolution.

To trust the best results for living freely,
without thinking pollution,
is the solution presented by meditation
(which is ruined by having a point)
thus showing mindfulness as pointless
for the most inclusive awareness

Revelatory living can have no expectations
or the surprise is less climactic anxiety release.


Monday, February 11, 2008

choose this life?

So many choices have already been made.
We regret the choices we made weren't better.
It seems resentment is for choices made for us.
Could truth be a choice we can't afford?
. . like choosing time to question?
answers have duration (lifetimes/shelf-life)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

choice evolving

Choice is in an infant stage of development,
if we could consider how many reflexes and
traditions predetermine reactions to
cyclical schedules of routine commitment.

Rights to vote were only recently shared,
prohibition gave people the right to not drink,
the right to not smoke has become reactionary,
nutrition issues are still evolving more
healthy choices as labeling informs by demand.

The need for privacy, and especially secrecy,
is that the penalties for choices give
power of enslaving you to governments,
proving it is still an undiscovered treasure.

Freedom is the risk to do different mediations
for restorative justice, forgiving punishers
to their prisons of power structures and
repetitive educational practices for graduation.

Retire from retirement programs to do real work
of contributing efforts to trust a better truth.
Rather than regret regrets and resentments realize
how choice is represented by their intensity awareness.

Choose experiencing process networking interests
that evolve collective conscious growth factors,
so why abort the infant concept of choice?
Share appreciation (of living) freely
as contrasting destined trends!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

creative credit

Who can give credit anymore?

Credit has to be more about creativity!
Some of the repetitive denial of mistakes is demoralizing social consciousness and the worse symptom is moralizing behavior that erodes freedom. The punitive creation of deficit is pathological indication of parasitic corruption.

The value system has gotten out of balance with what we know and the ideas of worth. The quality of what IS is breaking through the facade of opinion. The power of contrasting relationships has neutralized itself within husband and wife roles enough to share interest in restorative justice. Healthy attitude is to learn more than past traditions of accepting historical demands. Educational standards force every answer to be questioned.

The enormity of human variation allowed an editing apprehension to exclude increases of awareness by styles of judgment. The need to control is a symptom of unbalanced rationality withholding sympathy. Pathology is human thought because our awareness reaches beyond natural processes to take advantage of recognizable power.

Competition starts with man against nature.
Repetition is the cyclical nature that allow predictability.

There are symptoms of our basic social problems that have to be admitted right down to the personal behavior patterns.
Legitimate complaints are still showing reflexive distraction from restorative attitudes.
Critical needs for definitions to make points too often denies supportive energies to motivate decisive moves by pretending traditional reflexes work better than they ever had.
Complaints are depression that points to a denial pattern of needing attention to be detailed, because motivation became materialistic.

Friday, February 08, 2008

compassionism or sympathism?

Passion is a pathological behavior of extreme interest that gets quite *personal. Wars are offensive vs. defensive force (to maintain *territory.)

Could the com in compassion be from community? There is an interest in others to be compassionate. Sympathy relieves the pathological.

This is an extension of my concept that love can be the most sane form of care so to be in~love is insanity (for the control sacrificed to the object of desire.)

The love of others is the feminist trait that makes their style of group dynamic so inclusive/intuitive. Feminism is becoming sympathism.

It takes improv to improve passage through the rational traps (passionate opinions) of men.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

liberate tradtional loyalty

Finding the need to relax defenses is making many of my Republican friends consider that (as John Dean says) conservative has become as uncomfortable a word as liberal.
Libertarian may be the next center for contentment. At the beginning of the year the view of partisan bullshit made one commentator (Travis-T) offer McCain - Liberman versus Edwards - Ron Paul as solution for war or peace voting.
Then Obama and Clinton showed a trend of campaign civility that evolves world approach potential. Because the offensive versus defensive posturing is SO wasteful maybe WE could accept progressive social financing?
What conservatives have been willing to spend on defensive tools has betrayed the reality of their conservativeness. Traditions are becoming obsolete faster everyday.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Bush de-moralized his party!


Monday, February 04, 2008

TRUTH or consequences!
. . if there is going to be a won/one world government
the concept has to be developed for better
or for worse. So the example has to be exposed
as behavior judgment as standards of healthy
capacity to understand balance with better ease.

Relativity theory is the key to unification.
contrasting opinions (or better concepts)
can create the power of conflict. Rewards
are as extreme as consequences, and
as the game name implies,
TRUTH is the ultimate reward.
(Denial is sure proving to amplify consequence!)

Friday, February 01, 2008

paradox power

required donation
spiritual manifestation