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Friday, February 29, 2008

prison relief

The behavior patterns of police and other governmental officials are supported by public attitude of deserving to submit to rules of law.
Maybe public attitude is too strict and punitive on itself as individual experimenters.
We pretend we want others to pay for their mistakes until we have to explain our own.
The justification costs of detailing shared experiences consumes free-time, causing more anxieties.
To pay for this form of justice, police ticket stop-sign rolling and other ridiculous victim-less "crimes" to define the common folk as more power-less, is in contrast to the power of judgment that needs the fines to pay for its existence.
The frustration of court "counseling" by high paid officials aggravates denial action rather than restoring an appreciative dismissal value of a common sense.
The minimum fine could be reduced to just paying respect by paying attention.
We have to ask for credit from those who work to get it too hard and harshly.
How do we value care-giving? (parents? teachers? doctors? mediators? lawyers?)
How can communities relax petty differences to feel more unified, without asking expounders like me to dumb-down with drink (less coffee) and drugs?
Can we develop patience to appreciate story-time and other excuses to express experiences?


Blogger jim said...

This is very good post Bradford, right on, justice has become a business, controlled by businessmen acting as something else they ain't, end up with a farce.

Monty Python, makes me remember, lol.

And the fine/price, you got it right, need a whole new approach, very good directions you got here.

3/5/08, 12:19 AM  
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