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Sunday, February 17, 2008

co-erection deficit

The house-price correction is a national earthquake.
The value of the foundation holds up the chance of every furnishing becoming worthless, so it is good to see car quality increasing if we have to live in them.

Wealthy advantages are concentrating toxic wastes.
Less-Consumer access to capital is shrinking economic health factors.

This is the country that took land ownership from monarchs, so we are still displaying child-like disrespect of land-rights. Manifest destiny is finally in reparation stages in Australia by honestly being sorry! There is a responsibility of maintenance that comes with land. Land and maintenance are symbols of survival that are being devalued to who's credit? The way resources are acquired has disdainful qualities that penalize the integrity of national pride. Advantages make individuals hate people as projection symptoms of their unbalanced privileges (in personality traits.)

Insurance adds integrity to timing imbalances.
Social security was inspirational like a declaration of dependence for individual equality. The concept is a national resource that can't be privatized without becoming the protection racket it has become to some fear mongers. The social contribution is becoming more sensitive as consideration grows.

Profit is based on production of products. The overhead investment represents duration factors that relate to "life-time" evolution awareness. Planned obsolescence shows the self-faith of designers (and their management.) Products that can be misused for the harm of personal and social welfare take advantage of cruelty standards.

The punitive system creates deficit amplifiers. Penalties are the opposite reaction to restorative intelligence when the recognition of needing help is so obviously ignored. The people designing the economic system don't seem to deserve the credit they want to be taking (in blame-shifting bale-outs or salaries.)

Information can be the new appreciation if a better credit is given to product transformation. The moving of production to developing counties creates a need for service industry evolution. The withholding of service and information for profit is starving our economy. Obviously, the concepts of credit and insurance can't be turned into products for profit without cheating everyone to some degree.
The need to screw each-other back is why viagra is considered medicine!


Blogger BBC said...

Whatever, I don't need viagra myself.

And when I lose my urge for sex it will be a wonderful gift, I will be free of women then.

2/18/08, 8:14 PM  
Blogger brad4d said...

I don't roll out of bed either, I got a kick-stand for sleeping on my side.

2/18/08, 9:32 PM  
Blogger jim said...

I should have put the condom comment here, oh well, it still goes.

Very funny about living in cars as the best deal around, true tho.

The fixes with money won't work, greed even controls those, and makes them neutral at least.

It will out the solution, but how long is the problem and how much effort do they have to waste, lots I guess, sinking ship, Captain may jump soon, lol.

2/21/08, 10:44 PM  

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