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Thursday, February 14, 2008


Sir Gwain & King Arthur were hunting when they angered a wizard who must have been frustrated with his significant other because he threatened to curse the Kingdom if by the end of the season they couldn't answer a certain question (of,) "What do women want?" King Arthur made this Sir Gwain's quest.

Storytellers use their imagination to describe the interviews Gwain has with many women from kitchen maids to the queen herself, developing some colorful possibilities. However, at the end of his alloted time, he is not satisfied with what he is prepared to say to the wizard as he makes his way to the prearranged meeting place, perhaps Stonehenge.

Well, on the road his way is blocked by a decrepit hag struggling with her load and since he had made good time he is glad to oblige he when she offers to help him if he helps her. Safely at her destination she says she is bewitched by the same wizard and knows the answer that will satisfy his quest, but first he must agree to marry her. The spell she is under will allow her to be beautiful for half of the day but he could choose if it is from sunrise to late evening to impress the court or from bedtime til dawn, for his pleasure. Being the most gallant knight of the court, Sir Gwain said, "I will gladly marry you the way you are (to save my community) so you may have the choice."

This IS the answer, women want more choice! So the spell is broken on both King Arthur's Kingdom and beautiful maiden, cursed to be a hag.

Unfortunately choice has been confused with WANT and both men and women are enslaved to their desires (desiarrhea) and cursed with over-indulgences. Appreciation from choice is proportional to the respect it represents is shared (with diversity.)


Blogger BBC said...

Um, okay, but I really don't have any desires, other than to be sexed often. But I'm not willing to help her fulfill her needy ways to get it.

2/14/08, 11:29 PM  
Blogger Roberta S said...

(while chuckling)...oh the chivalry of men like Gwain that will compromise or cancel 'want' to save a community?

Sounds like something a woman would be more likely to do. Actually the greater sacrifice here was the woman, married to a man who didn't care enough to care how she looked when and where, and married to a man to whom she was the sacrificial lamb for the sake of the neighbors (community).

Not criticizing the story, brad4d. I was fascinated by it. Just wanted to share my take on it from a woman's perspective.

2/14/08, 11:57 PM  
Blogger jim said...

I loved this little story Bradford, most assuredly your point is right on, but as usual, with more depth than meets the eye, and sometimes the ear.

Like the word 'choice', and the context of use here, the story and the success gained by the realizing of just what was the 'choice' thing to choose. Quality is not always easy to see, yet plain as day, and always the most beautiful 'choice' reality.

He was choice for giving her the best, she got the choice and the best didn't even have to be chosen, just came right along with the finest she could have received.

The world as wizard casts evil spells and piles upon the choice, the worst appearing as the best and the only way. It is good to know that the choice remains within and will out in its' time. I depend on that my friend!

2/15/08, 12:10 AM  
Blogger brad4d said...

So Bill would have chosen from bedtime to dusk?!

Roberta, yes, it is a feminine approach to an issue of prearranged partnership based on dominance, thank you for that insight.

Jim, your perspective developed well, so I commented back a few, thanks.

2/15/08, 9:17 AM  

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