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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

purpose of pointless

The hardest choice for the most feeling of freedom is chaos,
that has been the history of revolution.

To trust the best results for living freely,
without thinking pollution,
is the solution presented by meditation
(which is ruined by having a point)
thus showing mindfulness as pointless
for the most inclusive awareness

Revelatory living can have no expectations
or the surprise is less climactic anxiety release.



Blogger jim said...

You know that is right Bradford, could be entitled, 'how to get there without a map'...or even with one.

Odd how this works, but it does, defies all gravity, lol, He taught me that, lol, with a laugh, I love it!

Meditation and listening, waiting and patience, it is more than existential, it is true freedom. And talk about climactic release of anxiety, unteachable though, though I have wished to try!

2/15/08, 12:20 AM  

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