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Saturday, February 09, 2008

creative credit

Who can give credit anymore?

Credit has to be more about creativity!
Some of the repetitive denial of mistakes is demoralizing social consciousness and the worse symptom is moralizing behavior that erodes freedom. The punitive creation of deficit is pathological indication of parasitic corruption.

The value system has gotten out of balance with what we know and the ideas of worth. The quality of what IS is breaking through the facade of opinion. The power of contrasting relationships has neutralized itself within husband and wife roles enough to share interest in restorative justice. Healthy attitude is to learn more than past traditions of accepting historical demands. Educational standards force every answer to be questioned.

The enormity of human variation allowed an editing apprehension to exclude increases of awareness by styles of judgment. The need to control is a symptom of unbalanced rationality withholding sympathy. Pathology is human thought because our awareness reaches beyond natural processes to take advantage of recognizable power.

Competition starts with man against nature.
Repetition is the cyclical nature that allow predictability.

There are symptoms of our basic social problems that have to be admitted right down to the personal behavior patterns.
Legitimate complaints are still showing reflexive distraction from restorative attitudes.
Critical needs for definitions to make points too often denies supportive energies to motivate decisive moves by pretending traditional reflexes work better than they ever had.
Complaints are depression that points to a denial pattern of needing attention to be detailed, because motivation became materialistic.


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