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Saturday, February 16, 2008

waiting room rant

The value of awareness is either for others or it is personal;
Self-interest is the source of talent and other gifts.
Other people seem to want us to pay attention and pay respect or control yourself and act well behaved.
Family values balance between desirable and intolerable behavior models and become awareness of what cannot be chosen either by curse or gift of inheritance.
Freedom seems to start at eighteen with social expectations that were demonstrated to different degrees of awareness by role models.
How much we paid attention to experience gifts us a quality of awareness.
Consideration is most often related to thoughtfulness.
Explanation is how we judge evaluations until a feeling is expressed more personally.
Critical discomfort is considered a complaint in order to express devalued expectations. If only this could be the worse form of acting out. Then positive attitudes begin to share a better experience of restorative comfort.


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