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Monday, February 25, 2008

Beyond recognition?

As a conceptual artist, I am illusionary so I can offer you freedom from reality. My work appreciates the benefits you can choose with attention to self interest.
Projection is a value observation I call appreciation art for art appreciation.
Choosing how to feel is the frontier of freedom.

The time we spend complaining is from attention we paid to others without choice. Victims force others to suffer their stories.
Changing the experience to find restoration is a payment.
Patience is time well spent so stop complaining.
It is critical to pay attention for what you can appreciate.

Blaming is discomfort with responsibility and will continue to teach us to share.
Learning to pay respect will share the relationship that balances health.
Healthy attitude is from partners that give us depth and perspective, that is why the second eye.

Name-calling is a defensive part of you coming out from behind denial if negative.
If "it take One to know One" then choosing a beneficial partner increases the help.
If you think I'm telling you what to do, may I make a suggestion?
The brain is mostly unbalanced to the authoritarian side.
The silent partner of the hemispheres offers the healthiest choices.


Blogger jim said...

Choice on all steps of the ladder, freedom raises itself up and appreciates the art of that.

Yes, attention must be paid, or there is something to complain about, the price often buys off the complaint.

The second eye is mucho importante, and most often speaks with silence golden, shining forth in its' time.

2/27/08, 10:11 PM  

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