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Sunday, February 24, 2008

risking poetic babble

Let me entertain you. Entertainment values trump the qualities list.
Start with my name, as self ACTualization!
Bradford is Celtic for the broad ford, wide crossing of the stream of consciousness.
My abstract expression of artistic living challenges the basic need for a point of relation to respond with a comfortable reflex to appreciate the respect of chaos.
Appreciation art is my conceptual approach to property values as stage sets.
Rational points exemplify how thoughts block superimposition integrity.
my OUT~lines give you credit for your own IN~sights
Good and bad is the judge of answers but it is better to keep questioning (for better or worse.)
Authority tries to explain what experience will continue to question.
My observations are screens of experience to project your authority on.
So you can cross through the ford, it must seem shallow so what was depth becomes breadth (freedom from narrowness.)
Sure, I might need to slow down the current a little more!
but I do try to let excess words drift by (risking poetic babble.)


Blogger jim said...

It is art, indeed! I AM is not static, even as HE IS consistent, tho HE IS NOT.

And, YOU ARE entertaining and observable, ACTing as you DON'T.

Mirrors cause the reader to judge himself in his response to what he sees, question his own experience and ACTing.

Outlines are for insights, freedom is being invited to fill them in.

Those excess words are sometimes useful, sometimes not, sometimes searching causes them, better to search than lose your way, but less can be better.

2/27/08, 9:42 PM  

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