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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

conceptual proof?

Conceptual credit is the best behavior transference.
Granting credit where restorative potential can be developed is a subtle integrity.
I work at making suggestions that could circumvent complaints.

Awareness has principle qualities in order to share universal existence.
Personal standards accept these principles in patterns that grow cultures.
Laws are complaints with behavior that is beyond explanation.

The principle qualifies the teachers (standards) to emote the lessons (laws) to materialize the next generation of teachers
The inequities in the trends of cultural behavior have properties that describe standards without sounding negative as neutral observations. Such is the burden of journalism.
Complaints are the weaknesses of rationalization to not accept the concepts emotions can produce. The principle of negativity projects deficit to gain power over creativity. Complaints give credit to punishment.

Restorative justice is the concept of meditative mindfulness that allows emotions to permeate through rational reflexes to justify extreme feelings without acting on them ~ like roid-rage as a chemical imbalance that compensates by mutation.

Aspects of the formula our economy depends on is causing complaints (steroid use) to grow faster than solutions (natural patience.)

When I get too smart I answer the implications before I have experienced the true question ~ proof reading proves that!


Blogger jim said...

Sometimes that happens, ahead of times.

What you say here, takes a high point of view in journalism, which is what we need, something more out of this world than a mere rocket ship. But there are safeguards everywhere, preventives, estoppels, the rack, lol! And remember, the most are denied access to time and understanding, another estoppel of law and order and economics.

2/21/08, 10:29 PM  

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