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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Credit Insured Poetically

Insurance has become the shifting of blame to the wrong people. What if all the money I pay represent what I'll never need, so what does THAT do to concepts of credit? Responsible citizens are paying for the manipulation of mistaken ideals by covering common misfortune? Social security was a tool of genius at a time of desperation but the way IT is scape-goated as socialistic has allowed profiteers to sell concepts of service as pirated donations for their experimentation. The laws they lobby for say it is for our protection but it really has lowered their odds of payment.

What has led me to this observation is the Savings And Loan Bailout exemplifying how credit has been taken from individual freedoms and stockpiled by domination trends. Credit selling techniques appeal to a gambling spirit because that is the source, using deceptive raffle-like contests and winning rate-reductions that lured us into penalty possible reduced duration paying periods. Again the responsibility for default gambling is shifted to the dependable source of those with trusting desperation to see good. Who is paying for who's' risky examples, (now with mortgages?)

This style of profiting from the industrial revolution used production values. Taking stock in technological advancement needs more reference to information and service value that is more universal and shared. The way information and service is being withheld for profit is obviously causing dis-ease.

These growing pains prove we can't keep containing feelings in nice packaging.
The denial reflex is the power of the lobbyists to misappropriate attention needed to be paid with more balance created. Power is a symptom of unbalanced interests accumulating behind blocks from where credit is due. What we are experiencing together can't keep getting pigeon-holed as blame of others.

These explanations may not sound rational but I hope you find them poetic. Entertaining (myself) with them is my therapy.

Behavior is a tool Barak Obama is showing can be modified to discuss the broadening of sticking points. Co~Operating Systems are up-grading applications.


Blogger jim said...

Yes, now the 'bailout' machinations are being corrupted and used for further profit taking, lol, how could this be otherwise, lol!

The theft of the rights to info and data are a logical extention of the theft of resources on the ground, and forces of the air.

Solution? Wait and see the beast eat itself from the inside out. Error has its' ways, they should not be ours, but we are presently stuck with the bill.

2/27/08, 10:29 PM  
Blogger BBC said...

I just did a fast and sloppy read of this post, but I'm not depending on my SS in the future, if it stops coming becoming the government fails I'll still get by okay because I have many skills and I live very basic.

As for others, that is their problem I guess. I'm willing to live under a tree if I have to, but a lot of people aren't.

Frigging cry babies.

2/28/08, 6:45 PM  

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