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Journaling conceptual design trends, mostly as "stream of consciousness" as encouragement. Environmental resolve will teach us peace. Paradox mediation provides the next healthy attitude.

Monday, July 31, 2006

best bradism?

What good is self-esteem if you just sit by youself and steam? (or) Exceptions were made before rules or we couldn't have been made so exceptional.

Friday, July 28, 2006


Maybe God's gift is freedom from belief?(didn't Lennon write songs about this?) Change is a movement that needs appreciation to make the most of it. I don't have to believe in God if I appreciate all the stories he inspires. Appreciation is creation! WOW Beyond belief?

Thursday, July 27, 2006

approaching sanity?

As a parent, I have learned to explain as little as possible if I don’t want to start the defensive reflexes. I have to present neutral screens for the kids to project their abilities to understand. When my kids were ten and twelve, a pediatrician taught me to interview their awareness and wait until they ask to know. I want the gift of freedom to develop with the impulse to get it.

This style of writing is confusing because it takes out the charge of opinion. Please notice how hard I actually try to bring out the paradox in word relation to implication options. This takes a poetic leaning so though you may project that I think too much, I believe (in proportion to everything else I am) thought is balanced with other sensibility.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

intro to projection theory

Stop Complaining

That can sound like a complaint if you are a complainer,

What if you are a joker?

Stop Joking? (B-ing ? U R)

Creation could be joke-like if you could imagine a laughing God . .
healer . . teacher . . boss . . parent

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

whirling pervish

I overheard a man walking into an import outlet say, “This place is so ugly the owner should be arrested!” This person was unattractive enough on a “normal” scale that his own subconscious had to know his own standards would place him in jail.

Couldn’t it be that learning that we are too hard on ourselves is coded into what we project on others?

“EASY DOES IT!” was a bumper sticker used by Alcoholics Anonymous when I was in college. There seemed to be healthier attitudes to very parallel influence. How many people believe that we are destined to repeat mistakes until we learn from them? Dis-ease seems to be increasing even for the people that seem to have it made.

Seriousness is compounding of issues when the mind starts overworking. The spirit of simplifying is where freedom hides and proves to be about feelings for fun. The spin of life makes living most right when it is balanced. Writing (& reading) this could be serious fun.

Sharing is the automatic response when we think something is fun(ny) but that guy blew it with a judgment - is this just an observation?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hokey IS what life's about - Pokey

The baby-steps of awareness
stumble humorously onward
relaxing denial of gravity by
getting up from the crawl,
developing gracefully improved
delights shared with
the audience as it acquires
ventured premise presented,
to the next stage, by example
we play at expression comparison
through movement beyond
our comfortable circle,
risking the square-dance
in order to triangulate the swing,
put your best foot in
and shake it all about.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

spinning around . .

The paradigm shift must be felt as an attraction to family values in this social capitalization era. The product values get in the way as a residual effect of The Industrial Revolution. The need for profit was a tendency to be excessive to get others to recognize productiveness. Profit is attached to a product-selling mentality of materialism.

The example of imbalance in GM, as to how their commitment to serving employees with health-care and pensions can be a path finder. This problem would be less if there was nationalized health-insurance policy, The paradox is (the) Social Security debates for individualized responsibilities for preparing life-long awareness realities. The trend for self-owned businesses could be the great motivator for the next evolution for self-sustainability.

The service and information age will give fresh meaning to the values of sharing discoveries with delight. To donate information for the common good will take a relaxation of the profit-reflex. The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is the entitlement to recognize how the endowments of our economy could be adjusted to offer credit in a way that doesn't demand (material) debt. Being indebted to each other should be an educational spirit of feeling taught well.

Unless taught otherwise, man tends to love those who love those he loves! This point of view can give The Ten Commandments new perspective. The ability to relax the tendency to covet will be most difficult in such a competitive society. The not-for-profit shift is in the spirit of donation to a universal future equality.

Property was once the realm of a king but The American Revolution gave man the opportunity to own his own (development) without being lorded over. Ownership is a maintenance response-ability to use. Consider how copyrighting has evolved the concept of property into intellectual realms. The Trust is gaining popularity as a vehicle of accumulating valuable assets for the sake of our heritage.

We are ready to hear less complaining as these types of observations become more encouraging than critical sounding. What brings potential to light is the projection of contentment with changing trends to resolve the costs of this punitive pay-off. What will we let hijack the attitude of dawning hope?

Monday, July 17, 2006

Egyptian cat

The freedom factor averages out and that's what seems mean. To be below that average is the punishing edge of awareness. Punitive properties have to seem like justice to those who impose on themselves. The restorative reflex justifies the ability look beyond past mistakes to find a better feeling than upsetting thoughts.
The better nature can only be implied with the word love but to know (it) is relative. To share it is the magic of getting it. So awareness opens the sense of honesty as a reciprocal reward of appreciation. When anyone doesn't appreciate the details of creative forming (as a process) the more they'll need a structure of rules as an illusion of power. When it becomes too restrictive in form, the power leaves.

Freedom finds ways to escape (forming commitment)?This makes it like the Egyptian cat of ancient legend. NO one could own one but it was easy enough to create the conditions for it to want to stay with you. To put your food on an altar for nature was more of a sacrifice than it now seems. To be chosen by a cat to be visited regularly was spiritual. Gods give us freedom, not countries.

Praise is the root of prayer - to be in constant appreciation of what is. If prayers are asking for something they lack the trust God deserves.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

the mean rules?

Why does meaning
have to
be mean?
If it figures to
be average.

Monday, July 10, 2006

who minds this word?

Do YOU mind? Why is minding implied to be a negative experience? Does it take thinking to care? & how much is too much?

If feelings make someone uncomfortable shouldn't they say, "Do you heart?" I feel comfortable minding. It would be the opposite of teaching to make someone say they don't mind.

The way posting (on blogs) develops opposite of a book is a great exercise for writers. This inspires the image that "the cream rises to the top" - if development becomes evident (by interest in history). This flipping of logic makes ME more mindful.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

care for despair

The anxiety treatment of my informative years
is now a designer depression drug business.
The seeds of desperation start with the first weed
of selfish denial to share responsibilities,
keeping others beholding instead of
being able to share the joys of living.
To be taken seriously people project desperate
concerns for attention manipulation.

Relaxing meanings to allow acceptance makes
democratic principles evolve understanding.
Progressive purposes release powers once
denied consideration for better caregiving
properties too easily show mismanagement.
In relation to patience, healing exalts the wound
as a badge of living beyond protected security.
Extend potential adaptation to our survival rate.

Attitude advancement shows how invested
interests build appreciation for experimentation
as research and development works comfortably
to gather elemental agreements together for
creativity inspires praise to feelings of equality
until distinctions force individual fears for cost
to pay for the effort to lower desperation levels
to where there could be no abortion by choice.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

honestly . .

I need to believe this administration is a victim of ill-intent from an inherited defensive reflex that humans need coaching to overcome. This is the education gap, while they would cite financial management as the missing training for public freedom. Why does their style of freedom need to be bought? The way money is the master of power has us in deep credit/debt slavery!

If they felt freedom naturally, they wouldn't have to use treason fears to motivate blame and shame. If someone different than you has less value then you don't understand a better freedom to be possible. Defending old standards isn't natural when every season changes values (by distribution of holidays).

The freedom from this Bush administration will be the EQUAL / OPPOSITE reaction potential to react appropriately from mistakes of defensive denial and rise to the value of sharing fairer than before. Maybe the way they tricked the U.N. will trigger an international need for restorative justice. The use of deception will boomerang into a new HONEST ABE personality example.

The polarization of ideals is reflexive from a punitive system of government. President Lincoln's greatest speech reminded US to keep referring to the power of COMMON SENSE which inspired our Founding Fathers. The Civil War was basically social engineering - putting the unity back in community.

The masters that need to free us NOW are attitudes of profit-making from the industrial revolution. With appreciation of the Information Age will come new values of education and parenting properly. The Service Transformation will put social powers back in balance over governmental greed.

Friday, July 07, 2006

everyman's teacher

Couldn't the truly liberated person feel flattered to be plagiarized? The feature of the best teachers was their example and WHAT they said suplimented that!

My best lesson lately was The Tipping Point The rule of 150 demonstrates how too many focal points distract our personal interests and we feel selfish needs to excel. Groups seem to work best TOGETHER if kept to less than 150 participants. Accomplishments can be made more sharable (teamwork).

In counter-balance I stumbled on the story of 100 Monkeys. This validates the collective conscious growth factor. We seem to feel cursed by individualism (lonely) until 100 others agree with our methods. Is that why "I'm waiting here for Everyman . ."? AL ONE together?

We (innovators) demonstrate our crazy styles to sow seeds of future growth, trusting the best examples to be potent enough to find a fertilized classroom. There is a spectrum of acceptance (between 100 & 150?)that needs just the right angle to catch the light right.

My dad is as uncomfortable with my innovative ideals as his brothers were when he told them he was a conscientious objector. He warned me how public reaction might feel but then the Vietnam war allowed for a tipping point.

WE MUST END WAR! (call for the elimination of all weapons of mass-destruction) Could our country be setting the worse example yet?

Thursday, July 06, 2006

spirit offered here

. . stumbling on a new analogy for my "concepts" in terms of social work, I have concentrated so many lessons into my observations that I can't control the dosage. I might have good medicine (to share) but haven't learned to dilute it for normal consumption. Every medicine becomes toxic when not handled with respect.

An old analogy was that, "my concepts are like extended ladders but I can't find people high enough to lean them up-on." The projection theory means that I expect people to be as receptive to exciting ideas as I am.

Glenn's comment about poetic form as an invitation to feel your way into thinking different helped encourage approach changes. The time needed to craft words into poems makes them nutritious desserts when I still need to digest all this fiber.

If religion is the opiate of the masses, could that be in order to counteract the stimulant of unclothed spirit? Couldn't religion be appreciated as the style of Creator that best suits our needs? We dress God up in a projection diluted to our level of understanding but in order to make it truth we need others to agree with us, so religions help.

That's what brought me here - thanks for taking this blog-drug with me, I hope you make it as medicinal as you've been for my soul.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

tides bring truth

Truth is an ocean that evaporates,
and from clouds comes to us
drop by drop getting us wet,
none the less as if we jumped in.

For those who keep themselves dry
an umbrella seems more reasonable
than boarding the boat which crosses
to another part of a shared shore.

Weather shows patterns to find
examples of awareness attracting
attention to detail manipulation
personalizing styles of seasonal change.

Vehicles extend exploration to find
points of no return allow the new
to seem more recognizable
as bodies flowing with the same ocean.