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Saturday, September 30, 2006


. . my mind is compost from which I search for sprouts to volunteer in my garden of life . .

progressive acceptance

In My Experience . .
The most important thing a cancer victim must do to become a patient is accept their condition. Acceptance is the spirit of awareness.

This means God would not condemn anything! so anyone who tries to believe otherwise is having problems with spiritual balancing.
I have trouble believing religions appreciate The Creator enough because of the power to be hurt(ful) by followers. Power means politics and the obvious toxic side of government is becoming more pronounced. When the Constitution said, "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness". . man had recognized that self determination IS freedom. To depend on anyone is (in degrees) slavery. Legally, children are victims of their parents until they are eighteen and in return their actions can legally victimize their parents. My exposure to the ranges of change in parenting methods give me rights to donate stories of experience as values.
These seem to be the values of a properly aligned spirit . .
Creation, the Will to act,
Acceptance with Patience as ability to wait is sharing,
Donating time, as ultimate Volunteerism is Parenting,
Donating resources for building stability into future cycles,
Appreciating everything as an element in a dynamic of growth,
for prayer is Praise (not asking for something better).
The most important exercise is controlling condemnation. To use (project) the limit of others' understanding is hollow self-esteem. What good is self-esteem if I just sit by myself and steam? The way religions use condemnation turns other spirits inharmonious (in the uni-verse). Could this be a key to what cancer is on a cellular level? Denial affects our access to care.
Could questions offer balancing fields for neutralizing negativity?
How much of what "we don't know won't hurt us" is used against us by us?
No? Is that WORD the most basic condemnation?
I try to accept what I see in others as hints to know (not no) myself.
Self interest can reflect a better nature if I keep my mirror clear.What I negate in others I negate in myself.(Golden Rule-wise) so (instead) I never miss the opportunity to consider someone a genius!

Friday, September 29, 2006

tied 2 chi

The paradoxical oxymoron for today is,
the effort of waiting shows
in the relaxation of my action


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Healthy Attitude

is reward for the best education . . . by the Three Rs (relation, response, respect)
Interactive applications to help process the age of information.
Relation builds experience by variance of response.
Values of the balancing conditions become respect.
Relations are the experience of care so parental style the first condition.
Primary response to our feelings came from parental role development.
Self respect is a competency level of responsibility for relationship.
Mutual respect is sharing values for relating response abilities.
The growth factor determines healthy functioning, with the body as a primary collection of sensing systems that must relate to share responsibility.
The awareness of discomfort is the primary movement away from health.
Can we always consider discomfort at the expense of harmony (and health)?
If punishing circumstances create costs, relieving those tendencies might be an unaccounted for supplement to healthy focus.
Penalty assessment is in relation to maintaining levels of comfort associated with maximum performance projections.
Health care gives the attitude an element of action for cultural unification.
The costly side of care is the aggravation of imbalance.
Balance exists in contentment (without a care). BUT
To be happy we must indulge in the care dynamic. (what goes up / comes down)
The opposite of care is indifference as The principle behind the statement, "Ignorance is bliss!"
The down side of indifference is the deception of denial as intentional.
Insensitivity is in relation to distracted unattachment usually at the expense of personal attention needs becoming pathological.

Monday, September 25, 2006

. . free to ask?

I truly am sorry to have to know this, HAving HAppiness is a loss of freedom.
The joke of attachment is why we must die.
So many great relations have passed on so I could resolve physical pain (of loss) with the joy of having shared so much time with them.
Contentment comes from allowance for values of exceptional experience.
Exceptions were made before rules, or we couldn't have been made so exceptional.
The body has a want for food and shelter but desire makes us slave to our needs.
Desire must remain a spirit to reveal the secret of joyful service.
The best feelings are about sharing time with others.
Powerful partnerships depend on a yielding individuality. These can maintain (teach) equality as long as no advantage is implied.
The recognition of subservient roles is a weakness born of fear.
Being sorry is how we admit to weakness and fear.
Regret is the by-product of choice, so to regret that is to find where choice comes from and search for freedom.
You might regret what you find and still be content with how you served the process (and see purpose).
Because happiness is a physical condition of the body ( in contrast to a just feeling) there is a material attachment or cost.
Contentment is (the) acceptance of what must be done (work necessary) to reach the next state of rest.
Joy is the spirit of advancing awareness.
I AM sorry in relation to the joy that cannot be shared (without being requested).
(with love in my heart for Jayne's memories Sept.25,1956-July 22, 2002)

poetic liberty

It is interesting to watch paper concepts (rules and laws) influence human behavior. Stories become the foundation of what we think we are. Characters develop from family traditional understandings. History is very personal.

The need to keep documentation seems to be what we call development. This is why so many can believe The Bible is truth. The stories were told from the innocent age before man could even write. Could the Ten Commandments be the first documentation of writing ever existing? Human nature is to dispute the truth so writing things down helps them keep a grip.

The curse of seeming smart is that everybody wants to teach you something. We need to believe someone can share our truth so this becomes the basis of trust. We show respect with our ability to listen. Understanding is the sharing of what we feel we can give. The time we spend convincing others that we can focus earns us certificates of achievement.

What gets us into power? Those who want it seem to need it to make up for something they feel is missing. Corruption will always be a sense of power.

Freedom is the opposite of power and every religious teaching tries to imply the best example of their time. The wisdom of a storyteller is relative value of honest acceptance. The trouble with rules and laws is what they try to deny (but are poetically telling) with conceptual projection (of history).

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

government takes advantage

Government is the punishment for the style consumer we have become (as mean).
By wanting influence over others we must consider the legacy of manifest destiny.
Reparations seem most likely through campaign reform for as long as a product-based economy uses the spirit of donation to influence legislation the country will need materialistic slaves.
Freedom can evolve the spirit of service.
Health care is the entitlement our bodies deserve as vehicles (of all action). The form of attachment health plans have with jobs echo present forms of coercion being used by our government even as far as It's foreign policy. The "rewarded" payments to some countries stresses It's intention to punish adversaries with a style that encourages fights in order to justify waring attitudes. The policy to declare war on things like drugs, poverty and illiteracy show It's dependence on aggression.
The costs of a punitive system are reaching the obvious level of need to yield to a restorative attitude.

The profit motive of capitalism means we have to "take advantage" of everything we can . . I like to believe the information age might develop a spirit of suggested donation to equalize individual distractions, people are starting to see we can win together(ness) when the advantage gives up the need for losers. Is the Republican Party losing its strength by flaunting how much (advantage) it won at once? To stop paying into this system we could develop a "service" mentality for suggested donation and praise the power of generousity as it develops a cure for this credit/ debt dis-ease.


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Relation, Response, Respect

It is interesting how people who have trouble accepting therapy will deny being conflicted enough to appreciate the experience. What if there was a mediation technique that could examine thoughts and feelings like an interview. It could be fun to neutralize thoughts and feelings as a way to fine-tune decision making processes. Reexamining the way decisions were made for us is(as) the way we mediate with ourselves.

My process examines how response to relations can increase respect. These are the three Rs of a triangulated check and balance connection.
Integrity must address how fragmented behaviors are the common paradox of life. The tendency to see life in a framework breaks up our feelings of unity.
Borders are drawn to separate relations.
Measuring space with time is reflexive response.(maintenanace work)
The style allowance for understanding is the value building of respect.
I am confident this style will let people pay respect as donation for the response to develop a relation as fellow students, practicing education.
Teaching salary is an allowance for experience sharing.
The ideal teacher would not have to tell a student what to do.
Awareness can be directed by using questions.
To develop skills as an active listener, I hope to attract clients with a sense of contentment by developing an art of interview.
We all like to tell our stories of relation development.
With sensitivity to response we can develop more respectful values.
Self-respect is the ideal of health.
This is where contentment can be purified.
Happiness is then observed as an advantage.
As such it must relate to a price or cost.
Response with respect takes the toxic by-product out of imbalance processing.
Varying doses of the Three Rs build our sensitivity.
Sensitivity is the way to obtain access to the illusive values; mystery / wisdom & love / unconditional joy!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

can you say grace . .

This Administration is an example of how the words indignation and dignity relate as opposites. It seems the more indignant the spokesmen act the less dignity our system seems to inspire, or is it that the less dignity that this group allows itself to expose the more indignant it seems to act (even to its own party members). Too many people are having to eat it . .


Friday, September 15, 2006

Free not dumb

Conflict is the costLIESt answer. If pain is expected with gain, maybe we're seeking the wrong "stuff"? Manifest destiny / management density!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

birthing awareness

Could we be born judgment-free?
Stimulation and incubation is the day and night of infancy.
Parents are responsible for the judgments that nourish their awareness.
How much this behavior legacy affects character is individually balanced.
Judgment projects the paradox of approval and criticism with contentment as the neutral zone. Everything above this line is happiness in varying degrees to (equalize) the discomfort of unmet expectations below the zone.
Pain is a signal to the maintenance department that special attention needs to expedite repairs. This may seem like stimulation but healing is incubation.
The stimulation is on the happiness side of expanding awareness.
Making time for others stimulates the economy of comm(unication)unity.
This information age can get us past punitive judgment for restorative justice.
My method is to present challenging concepts as possible middle-zone expansion.
Contentment counseling helps me give up my complaints, relax anxiety of approval and find more joy in the spirit of sharing ideals,
Stop making things good and bad with judgment and try the for better or worse committment to appreciation (praise is prayer), & quit feeling needy.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Anger means NOT listening!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

entitle yourself

Do you know how easy it is to tell people were fed fear as parental protocol, use fear as management propriety, allow fear to consume proportions of their income. It is called the profit motive to cover insurance demands so the odds are it is so familiar that recognition of less (being better) becomes deprivation. Focus of awareness IS less (distraction). Trust the few who can let go (of fear). How will I know this new truth? When it is easy to see the fear in others? ISn't that MY projection? Can it be part of the purge of slavery? Most fear losing their health plan so they keep enslaving jobs. Maybe all jobs would become less harsh if health concerns were an entitlement, like they tell us freedom is.

Monday, September 11, 2006

fun arguing w/o quarreling

My parents never argued (seriously) in front of me (just with me). My dad's devil's advocate act was quite stimulating. This was the greatest gift of behavior management. When anxiety enters my life I find myself arguing with myself. This prepared me well for parenting teens.

I was also lucky to set similar examples for the kids as infants. I tried hard to never complain. I would suggest better ways to behave more comfortably (for both of us). I kept myself from being too approving because I learned how this is a form of (reverse) *criticism. When they feel blame or shame I try my hardest not to amplify it.

They encourage me to try more active listening. When attemting to tell them something, I notice how defenses develop, so I have been waiting (better), until I am asked. It is hard to ask what we don't understand. Composting opinion(s) can be work. I started appreciating the interview as an art form. Degrees of understanding form behavior patterns that direct caring. (Never forget hate (any discomfort) is pathological care.) Indulging in anger is the easiest way to stop listening.

I am getting good at not getting angry with them. Wisdom does not enter an angry mind, or as Rabelais put it, "Wisdom entereth not into a malicious mind." Their frustration projects anger on me but I invest effort to come arround to a good laugh. Just like my dad, I AM intolerant of intolerance (to balance my sense of humor).

*page 35 of Kitchen Table Wisdom by Rachel Remen M.D.

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Saturday, September 09, 2006

dreamtime pondering

Birth is not easy, neither is life.
Living takes careful consideration to itself.
Awareness is basically what we know and how we feel about it.
The recognition of consistencies become basic truth.
To develop trust we test the reality we perceive.
It is not easy to see the truth about nature and trust natural trends.
This dis-ease can be examined to settle our discontent.
We practice the medicine of controlling our doses.
Everything in moderation means balancing stimulation with incubation.
Minding our time is the rest between feeling desire to indulge abandon.
Complaint is the natural restraint so acceptance exercises freedom.
Complaining transfers responsibility to blaming (shaming) others' behavior.
The others we need to define happiness charge us with degrees of risk.
The graduation to contentment redefines happiness from physical desire.
The spirit that brings wisdom is the joy of being free (to release demands).
Appreciation is the invested interest to have gotten attention (awareness).
Is meditation incubation without ejaculation?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

judge 4 yourself?

It is hard to watch paper concepts (rules and laws) take power from human behavior, especially the expansion of freedom.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


Controlling self-righteous indignation can significantly reduce the amout of those that want to say"SCREW YOU"