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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Relation, Response, Respect

It is interesting how people who have trouble accepting therapy will deny being conflicted enough to appreciate the experience. What if there was a mediation technique that could examine thoughts and feelings like an interview. It could be fun to neutralize thoughts and feelings as a way to fine-tune decision making processes. Reexamining the way decisions were made for us is(as) the way we mediate with ourselves.

My process examines how response to relations can increase respect. These are the three Rs of a triangulated check and balance connection.
Integrity must address how fragmented behaviors are the common paradox of life. The tendency to see life in a framework breaks up our feelings of unity.
Borders are drawn to separate relations.
Measuring space with time is reflexive response.(maintenanace work)
The style allowance for understanding is the value building of respect.
I am confident this style will let people pay respect as donation for the response to develop a relation as fellow students, practicing education.
Teaching salary is an allowance for experience sharing.
The ideal teacher would not have to tell a student what to do.
Awareness can be directed by using questions.
To develop skills as an active listener, I hope to attract clients with a sense of contentment by developing an art of interview.
We all like to tell our stories of relation development.
With sensitivity to response we can develop more respectful values.
Self-respect is the ideal of health.
This is where contentment can be purified.
Happiness is then observed as an advantage.
As such it must relate to a price or cost.
Response with respect takes the toxic by-product out of imbalance processing.
Varying doses of the Three Rs build our sensitivity.
Sensitivity is the way to obtain access to the illusive values; mystery / wisdom & love / unconditional joy!


Blogger vicci said...

Brad...I'm so glad you stopped by my blog! I just had to say that I think Aaron Neville sings like an angel! Especially "Amazing Grace"...and the 3 r's you talk about...relation....response...and respect....soooooo true!

9/19/06, 7:32 AM  
Blogger jim said...

Very good Bradford, now you are a Guru, Guru Bradford, sounds right to me. I'll back you, it is an all-natural treatment, with state-of-the-art intellect thrown in as icing on the cake, a product so needed. Do it!

God knows the world needs saving!

9/20/06, 1:35 AM  
Blogger bradford said...

Gee, You Are You! I'm just the clearest mirror I can project. Thanks for the light+

9/20/06, 12:55 PM  

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