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Saturday, September 09, 2006

dreamtime pondering

Birth is not easy, neither is life.
Living takes careful consideration to itself.
Awareness is basically what we know and how we feel about it.
The recognition of consistencies become basic truth.
To develop trust we test the reality we perceive.
It is not easy to see the truth about nature and trust natural trends.
This dis-ease can be examined to settle our discontent.
We practice the medicine of controlling our doses.
Everything in moderation means balancing stimulation with incubation.
Minding our time is the rest between feeling desire to indulge abandon.
Complaint is the natural restraint so acceptance exercises freedom.
Complaining transfers responsibility to blaming (shaming) others' behavior.
The others we need to define happiness charge us with degrees of risk.
The graduation to contentment redefines happiness from physical desire.
The spirit that brings wisdom is the joy of being free (to release demands).
Appreciation is the invested interest to have gotten attention (awareness).
Is meditation incubation without ejaculation?


Blogger Inspector Michael D . . . said...

An old friend of mine used to have a word for this kind of psychological manipulation: VOODOO.

I am satisfied because I unpacked your nasty assessment to the very heart of it. You have to remember that I studied with the devil too, since I wrote my senior thesis on a novel by Georges Bataille, although I often wish that I didn't. But he may have been right when he argued the claim that consciousness floats on a bed of obscenity.

Now I finally understand how you were using the word "claim" when you made the statement "It's the claim that authenticates the truth" and how your "evidence" supports your "point" that I was "a stupid fool," although there is no way for me to "prove" that this was your true argument. In a strange way, you have become the oracle in Plato's Apology and I have become Socrates going around Athens making fools out of everyone who thinks that they are so smart because I can't admit to myself that I am indeed "a stupid fool." It's because I have realized over and over again that you and I have arrived at similar positions that I cannot continue with this rhetorical game of doubt, this charade.

I don't want to play this game with you anymore. You are not an honorable opponent.

9/9/06, 5:36 AM  
Blogger bradford said...

I stopped using name-calling years ago as the projection theory became clearer - judgment limits outreach - respecting your opponent is the only way to win anything meaningful - "wisdom does not enter an angry mind" - Rabelais

9/9/06, 9:12 AM  
Blogger jim said...

Much of what people do is masturbation, simply. There is only one there. I think meditation is 'not' masturbating.

You seem to be very kabbalistic in this piece Bradford, knowingly or by chance?

Basically you are right all the way thru, deep in the cracks of thought processes.

9/9/06, 10:07 PM  

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