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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

care to deny it?

We are free to be indifferent but those who have had proper care seem to return the favor. We learn best when we care to.
How do we share understanding?
Awareness is denied until we ask the right question.
The entertainment value of T.V. interviews has become a powerful working model.
Behavior can relate multidimensional image concerns creatively projected.
Denial is the most apparent discomfort exercise.
Good conversation demands attention to balance.
The most important question becomes,
What can you ask yourself comfortably?
This becomes our style of handling dis-ease.
Denial is the bottom-line to our defense system.
I try to avoid using the word "no" to inspire adaptation (of the questioner.)
Honest mistakes can open opportunities to avoid distractions in the future.
Being sorry accesses the feelings to get past the defensive thoughts.
Focusing on the next question (or move) is how the best games extend play.
The best clues to connecting with others could be to consider yourself what you are reflexively judging the other to be.
This is the victimization cycle of trying to be better than . . .
If we all hate self-righteous indignation in others, why can't we control our own?


Blogger Catherine Bronte said...

Hi Brad, me again. I don't know if you can see my comments because ever since I switched to the new Blogger Beta, it gives me error messages when I leave comments on people's blogs who don't allow anonymous comments, even though I'm signing in.

I wanted to say that I think I could really use this one: "Good conversation demands attention to balance." Sometimes I wonder if I'm talking too much about myself when I'm in conversations with other people. I think sometimes I need to make an effort to balance out the conversations, because I don't want to seem selfish. You see? Even here, now, I'm talking about myself.

8/29/06, 4:43 PM  
Blogger jim said...

Share by doing, don't try to force it, doesn't work, if they want a class, make em pay for it.

That 'right question' is everything, without it, only darkness.

What is the relation, between real life, in person examples for understanding, and those seen on tv or on a blog? Is the media projected one, less? Less effective in 'impression'?

Side effects of conversations sometimes linger longer than the why of the conversation.

Always, one must keep going, mistakes or no, next question please, or, go right ahead please.

Good question to pose to oneself, how am I judging this or him, and why, but sometimes there is little time and mistakes are made, wrongs are done, even lies are told.

Sometimes 'better than' is not the object, but is an 'illusion' caused by projected intentions of other purposes. Humility in oneself enables handling of others self-righteousness, lol, maybe it makes you feel 'better than'?

These are good and excellent points here Bradford, I would guess you have collected them from your recent blogging adventures and they stem from your self-analysis, they are familiar to me like that anyway, see, that is a projection from myself onto you.

Great job, fine post, you are a good example of a human being, nay, a great one. Thanks Bradford.

8/29/06, 9:05 PM  
Blogger jim said...

Really, Thanks, this made me feel a lot better, but not better than.

It made me feel fine.

8/29/06, 9:06 PM  
Blogger Deepak Gopi said...

Yes ,Yes
I totally agree with you

8/31/06, 5:28 AM  

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