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Saturday, August 19, 2006

just say yes

Let me share a conceptual treatment.
I have Borderline Personality Disorder, since it is a new (powerful) understanding. The most simple explanation is when a person's stated standards are different than behavioral examples (paradox). "I always lie."
The tendency to say, "do as I say, not as I do," might be the best clue. The rational intricacy means the smartest people maintain the denial complexes that aggravate the dis-ease.
The best way to take it easy is to admit a reflex to exaggerate and deny. Saying NO is the quickest way to feel power over someone.
The variation that works for self-control is controlling the urge to over-amp or upset yourself. Honesty is the only treatment if truth can cure reality.
Maybe sharing Borderline Personality Disorder is the path to a more cohesive social behavior. Admitting that the established borders are causing disorder might behave as an agent to socialize.
Degrees of social acceptance make some things hotter than others. If honesty was a drug could we make people crave it to escape disorder?
But if this treatment seems heavy and got you lightheaded maybe I did something honestly - yes?



Blogger jim said...

Speaking creates, one way or another, I believe it does, therefore, even without one believing, speaking it can make a difference, even cure or restore the limits.

Also admitting to something, can enable the later appraisal, as to yes or no, or just extent of. That speaking can cause or enable the seeing.

And isn't it within us that the thoughts speak the borders, thus enabling, that is not all habit, but is usually 'socially determined', an act of social judgement, so a problem of the judgement being out of whack? That would mean a faulty assessment of present conditions which are the momentary 'social circumstance'. Why was it faulty? Either a lack or a overage occurred. Exaggeration resulting from a lack? Faulty balance? Is balance what honesty restores? I think yes. Balance in ones faculty of assessment, I have always strived (not always successfully reached) for consistency between the spoken and the 'act'. Honesty.

8/19/06, 11:51 PM  
Blogger Crunchy Weta said...

IT is almost dishonest to suggest one knows something to be true. Perhaps the logical response is to say yes or no randomly.

8/22/06, 4:29 AM  

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