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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

whirling pervish

I overheard a man walking into an import outlet say, “This place is so ugly the owner should be arrested!” This person was unattractive enough on a “normal” scale that his own subconscious had to know his own standards would place him in jail.

Couldn’t it be that learning that we are too hard on ourselves is coded into what we project on others?

“EASY DOES IT!” was a bumper sticker used by Alcoholics Anonymous when I was in college. There seemed to be healthier attitudes to very parallel influence. How many people believe that we are destined to repeat mistakes until we learn from them? Dis-ease seems to be increasing even for the people that seem to have it made.

Seriousness is compounding of issues when the mind starts overworking. The spirit of simplifying is where freedom hides and proves to be about feelings for fun. The spin of life makes living most right when it is balanced. Writing (& reading) this could be serious fun.

Sharing is the automatic response when we think something is fun(ny) but that guy blew it with a judgment - is this just an observation?


Blogger jim said...

But people do create or define for themselves limits to freedom allowed and often it is personal defensive rather than other/protecting, this gets serious, judgement arises and fun is lost, but it is all in the spirit intended, good if other/protective, bad if only personally/defensive. Right? Seems so to me at the moment.

8/3/06, 9:59 PM  

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