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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

spinning around . .

The paradigm shift must be felt as an attraction to family values in this social capitalization era. The product values get in the way as a residual effect of The Industrial Revolution. The need for profit was a tendency to be excessive to get others to recognize productiveness. Profit is attached to a product-selling mentality of materialism.

The example of imbalance in GM, as to how their commitment to serving employees with health-care and pensions can be a path finder. This problem would be less if there was nationalized health-insurance policy, The paradox is (the) Social Security debates for individualized responsibilities for preparing life-long awareness realities. The trend for self-owned businesses could be the great motivator for the next evolution for self-sustainability.

The service and information age will give fresh meaning to the values of sharing discoveries with delight. To donate information for the common good will take a relaxation of the profit-reflex. The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is the entitlement to recognize how the endowments of our economy could be adjusted to offer credit in a way that doesn't demand (material) debt. Being indebted to each other should be an educational spirit of feeling taught well.

Unless taught otherwise, man tends to love those who love those he loves! This point of view can give The Ten Commandments new perspective. The ability to relax the tendency to covet will be most difficult in such a competitive society. The not-for-profit shift is in the spirit of donation to a universal future equality.

Property was once the realm of a king but The American Revolution gave man the opportunity to own his own (development) without being lorded over. Ownership is a maintenance response-ability to use. Consider how copyrighting has evolved the concept of property into intellectual realms. The Trust is gaining popularity as a vehicle of accumulating valuable assets for the sake of our heritage.

We are ready to hear less complaining as these types of observations become more encouraging than critical sounding. What brings potential to light is the projection of contentment with changing trends to resolve the costs of this punitive pay-off. What will we let hijack the attitude of dawning hope?


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