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Sunday, June 18, 2006

argue recognition

Many people fail to recognize
the value of a disagreement.
the dynamic of conflict creates power,
The power-hungry must cater
for their appetites, creating arguement.

My point seems too inclusive to contrast
to the person who chooses to
solidify an opinion too soon,
a weakness to commit ideals in bronze,
or just performing defensive postures.

Play is better when fun shares experience.
Delight in enlightenment
which intensifies with sharing it.
Being human grows-up awareness
beyond natural structure functioning.

Isn't maturity when you cash-in
a bond, like contracts , with dead-line
penalties attached for conditional separation
for future recollection of immaturity
practicing different potentials.


Blogger Crunchy Weta said...

Wow this is great! I like the idea about the dynamic of conflict creating power - I'd always considered that the powerful created conflict to display their power. So this was a nice thought treat for me.
As I spent Monday morning at playcentre with my kids I could relate strongly to your stanzas about play and maturity.
Nice write

PS I think some of your earlier writings could do well in this more standard sort of poetical form.

6/19/06, 10:24 AM  
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