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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

the informed donate

The values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (entitlements?) change with examples set by political power-brokers. The codependent relationship corporate funding imposes on government service has limited citizen respect in both directions. The most mentioned imbalance is health-care attitudes. There is more consideration to medical plans than job loyalty. Couldn't management and labor relations improve most by just moving coverage responsibilities to a national concern? America is non-competitive with the rest of the free-world considering the wasted efforts on this debate.

The profit motive form of our capitalism is based on a product economy. The industrial revolution created a new scale of indulgence. The ownership of property was such a powerful new opportunity that it ignited manifest destiny. Material opportunities polarize with the obvious deficit struggle with greed.

The way religions and service groups rely on donations give them a spirit of community awareness. The motivation of appreciation allows the service of education to gain value like an appetite for nourishment. Consideration for interactive growth cycles won't deny proper waste management. Compensation is an indication of responsibility.

How deep is the reflex to pay for what we get when we go to a store counter? Undermining this standard is the feeling that we are getting what we pay for. Quality of service and information can be more than we can recognize at first.

The bidding process has some interesting positive argument potential. The most difficult aspect is that it is based on gaining advantage rather than sharing informative relationships.

My tendency is to give people more for their money as I become more of a craftsman. When people are honest about how much can be invested into a project resources get directed to the right goal rather than distracted by insurances. Good performance deserves better behavior bonuses.

Free-agents of service and information could work for suggested donations on a kind of sliding scale that develops relations of trust (if health insurance was an entitlement.) The art of not-for-profit contentment counseling would help find satisfaction in a less punishing (expensive) governmental model. Couldn't all the money corporations donate to campaigns be more supportive (economically) run through the tax-machine?

I suggest that the first two paragraphs of Common Sense could inspire a better attitude. The right to a good argument without fear of quarreling would access resources from our teenage tendencies(to question). Profit is a tool of reward that is unfortunately used too often as punishment when someone has to lose. The checks and balances can be fine-tuned for win/win potential if we encourage our country to stop being so adolescent. Wouldn't more freedom come to elections if the two-party facade evolved to a more primary-like chance for individuals?
(Start equalizing campaign reform!)
If people enclosed a suggested spending percentage chart with their taxes, could they feel like they were participating with a voice?


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