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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

project truth

The body is our personal infant. It will always need care. The attachment to routine is important to any maintenance program and can reflect on the training of the care-giver. Education is a comfort developing process because even the simplest neglect (like eating) can cause pain.

Pain can translate to punishment if you think about it. The chance of misunderstanding implications of discomfort make it the critical point of perversion. To children, punishment is used to pass the feeling of responsibility. Loss of privilege depends on "getting it" first. Developing sense complicates awareness with definition attachment to pleasure or pain.

Balancing the fluctuation of feelings will form a comfort condition based on contentment with that level of truth. Guided examination of factors lead us to conclusions on which to base our reactions reality training. Reality can't be as stable as the human need for truth seems to project.

Projection is the relation key. The limitations of our eyes and ears have been described scientifically in relation to other beings (animals) so using this analogy I might try and extend understanding potential. Testing of grade levels help the educated determine back-ground but they can't register talents they haven't determined values for.
Am I trying to project talent development as care-giving? I still don't see my writing as talented only a limit on my ability to share my understanding of life (exercising truth). Does growing truth encourage your awareness?


Blogger Rob said...

"The body is our personal infant."

Very neat way of putting it. I shall remember that.

6/13/06, 3:51 AM  

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