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Sunday, April 23, 2006

cognitive restaging

When Tom Cruise was interviewed last week the only segment I saw was the question about being clear to level eight in Scientology terms. Right out of college in 1974 (between jobs) I tested very clear at a San Francisco headquarters. The official from Toronto interviewed me with other managers and I ended up with a job in their print shop. All I did was file articles but the access to higher concepts (on paper) was enlightening.

The "truth" meter Scientology uses for therapy sessions helps direct your attention past being short-sighted. When we put "charges" on certain subjects, we direct conversation away from issues that need to be worked through. The "operator" of a clearing session should lead a subject up the charges until problem solving reaches a new climax. Many agree to the idea that we repeat the same mistakes until a new perspective is understood.

My fourteen year old daughter took the toilet paper out of my bathroom. When I looked in the cabinet next to her toilet I found she had been short-sighted enough to miss six rolls. I know the conditions that limit my focus and will ask my kids to help those times. Two eyes (points of view) create depth and perspective.

The best partners extend our education. Because marriage should be our best experience in partnership consider the vow "for better or for worse". This cognitive restructuring tool will free thinking from the limited judgment of "Good versus Bad" standards.

The chapter on judgment in "Kitchen Table Wisdom", by Rachel Remen, stresses the relation between approval and criticism. The depth of personal approval issues can be decoded by how we criticize our world. How we use opinions show the reliance on support systems. Some don't even know they aren't self-supportive.

The punitive system of justice has become obviously too time consuming and costly. Blame and shame are an example of how people burden themselves with punishing feelings. Those that think it is effective wish it on other people.

There is a growing awareness of restorative mediation. When we face situations where we know we can't be happy the neutral ground becomes contentment. Understanding is a climax of emotions meeting thinking in a spirit of unity (inclusion/integrity).

Being clear is a process of healthy functioning. Healthy attitudes allow different paths to lead to similar enjoyment. Living together with harmonies that sometimes seem dissonant is part of modern music making (uni-verse-all) evolution.

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