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Friday, April 07, 2006

Premises promises

Seriousness is a paradox of how much play is in a concept.
Play can be used as a word for adjustment allowable,
when we find play in the rules, to appreciate exceptions.
The social arena is allowance for governmental limits.
By law, punitive reflexes create need for credit and debt.
The profit motive takes advantage from the balance sharing
making dept (abusive) influence manipulation (to pay for mistakes).
Credit uses conditions of tradition to maintain older beliefs in past
values implying that new ideas can’t warrant equal credit.
The judgment process relies on Good and Bad standards to solidify
a power from a process that needs solution neutralizations.
For better or for worse is the best basis for partnership.
Social values are freedom inspiring consciousness sharing.
Teaching is a donation behavior with given information.
Interaction is role-playing exercise in relation building.
Respect is power to recognize experience perspectives as patience.
Response ability is motivated by centering understanding
from shared extremes of potential possibility projections.
The subjects of monarchs couldn’t understand property ownership
So America gave that magic right to individual resourcefulness
And how prophetic that the new vehicle for consolidating
personal and family values with links to society is The TRUST.



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