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Thursday, March 23, 2006

A)head in heART

What is worse, ignorance or indifference? Don't know and don't care? Knowing enough to care starts understanding. The first self-care seems to be potty training. Knowing better starts as an attempt to please those who care for us but self responsibility starts with the realization of self interest. This is the point of understanding elimination, healthy attitude balances our ability to choose with editing skills.

Being well and staying our best becomes linear awareness. When caring for others starts extending outside the family we develop new lines of communication and the world starts becoming a shape we impose on it. The world can parallel our bodies, what we get out of it depends on what we put into it. Eating is impulsive and develops taste enough to exercise choice. The example families demonstrate can be just deeply ingrained as genes so looking to other sources can round out an imbalance by encouraging individual contribution to the pot luck.

The (way) what we know and care about can change is (in) the fourth dimension of timing. At first self interest barely gives us time for basic needs. It is our better (than) nature that develops aesthetics. In art the heart is ahead of the head.


Blogger Rhiannon said...

This post was quite interesting. In the middle of reading it I was thinking I might comment something like "But what about those of us who don't have families, there are some of us that don't", but then I read the rest of the post. I liked it! The heart before the head. I have always wished more would be able to be connected to both more evenly, then maybe less ego and more love and peace for this world.

Thanks for sharing this..



3/27/06, 11:58 PM  

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