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Friday, March 10, 2006

spread contentment by refraining complaint

Complaints are the restraints of understanding,
trying to pass on response abilities weaken expectations.
Being strong enough to resist complaint builds self-
contentment by balancing choices.
Behavior modification starts with acceptance of
inevitable regrets that pay respect to difficulties
that freedom of choice exercises.
Flexibility training complements strength
enough to rearrange reflexive expectations
to trick self interest into harmony with better
natural mutuality pairing, such as
eyes create depth and perspective,
ears find direction through stereo.
Single minded complaints flatten
the wheels of (r)evolution.
Getting off demands staying on
track long enough to reconnect
around the world reproductive
drives creative urge to merge.

Unless taught otherwise, people tend
to love those who love those they love.

Complaints are the pathology that distort
care into jealousy, greed, and other
personal indulgences that inspire shame,
blame and other distractions from healthy
responsibility for an inclusive culture.



Blogger Peg said...

stopped by Rhi's and saw you are a Jan baby...WEll Happy Belated Birthday!!! From one Jan-ner to another!! ;-0}
And that poem is very well done!!

3/11/06, 4:21 PM  
Blogger AHP said...

I was at a Hare Krishna temple once and the person there spoke and expressed how complaining wasn't a good thing to do spiritually, much in line with what you say. I think complaining is the opposite of being grateful. Being grateful can make one feel more at peace and content, happier, less wanting of what they don't already have.

3/18/06, 10:58 AM  

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