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Thursday, February 16, 2006

to be made in God's image, demands degrees of plagiarism . .

Repetition is the foundation of education as we know it, yet in school the punishment for plagiarism is used in confusing ways. We are told to be individualized while forced into rules of equality. The fact that teachers want to hear something preconceived should be balanced with anticipation for new ideas to be presented as a measure of their invested interest. Teaching implies new ideas being assimilated but many teacher think its a one way street and boredom reflexes challenge with blame in times of weakness. The balanced mind can observe without judgment.

My statements are trying to build acceptance on both sides of the fulcrum. Commercialism is the champion of individual rights but to get others to pay for ideas shackles progress of the inclusive instinct. Values should be shared but investing interest needs appreciation. Justice goes back to the commandment that you should not steal without remorse.

The way people worship scriptures (and laws) steals value from The Creator's gift of freedom to interpret individually. This dynamic of spiritual rights confuses the mind so that protective feelings of acceptance of new feelings includes scary variations of reproduction values. Don't let religious practices get in the way of spiritual discovery.


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