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Saturday, January 28, 2006

judge not . .

The irony of judgment is where it comes from in archiving experience as historical. The most positive attributes of future growth comes from evolving judgment into intuition. Feelings can become the healthier attitude - that is The Way. Things become no(t)things - but feelings permeate many bodies at once (in audiences) and extend time. My hopes lie in helping the world become content (with its content), the catch is that serious posturing seems to reject the best medicine (which can be humor). Humor can turn judgment into new feelings. The set-up is the science (research and development) but the punch-line is art, marrying brain, heart, with belly laughs.

Could (NOT) being thoughtful leave room for something better (or worse)? Chance is the gift of freedom. So many reflexes want to remedy chance. Are you sick of it, and (is) desire something to rely on? I think not . .


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