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Saturday, January 07, 2006

denial depression

So maybe denial is the seed of depression!
What if a test could determine how honest a human is by measuring depression factors?
Could depression be measured by biochemical reactions to certain questions?
Maybe normal amounts of denial don't have to be so high?
Could the Santa Myth be the first lie in a person's life that seems alright?
Don't most families deny the best attention due to attitude traditions?
If the healthy benefits of honesty could be proven, wouldn't it be best in all policy?
When people act against their stated standards of personal performance could sorrow (being sorry) neutralize punishing behaviors?
Don't we only make things worse for ourselves, in the end of an act?
How much of our act do we attribute to experience building?
Shouldn't development of image integrity be intention revelation?
Can projected wishes for others be responsible for factors (of value) in our lives?
If we wish someone a truthful element to living can we share a better understanding?
When opening up to other points of view, do we grow better?
Is the hardest part of opening up that denial can crawl up (and out)?
Doesn't facing deception help us lighten up the story to make it pleasant to solve?
You hold the controls of reality, more or less?


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