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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Play for Awareness

Awareness doesn't come with birth. We are taught to be human by recognizing others. Memories relate experience to a kind of continuity we call self interest. How honestly we can describe understanding forms the reality of character.
What we want to be can unbalance what we are. Desire makes us think beyond the contentment with what is. Wanting to be happy sets us up for frustration. Adam and Even wanted to eat from the tree of knowledge.
Nature overstepped its limit when man evolved. Human nature is an oxymoron because thoughts remove mannerisms from reality. Intuition is source of survival. Breath is an automatic reflex until we become aware of it, then we can change it.
The gift of freedom is from the right to choose. By becoming aware of change we have alternatives. To think is the illusion of separating possibilities.
Feelings are the sense of being in touch. We must reach to develop our tastes or we start finding comfort in limited experience.
There are the real eyes and the conceptual eyes, but we only see projections. The improvements I try to make in perception (as an artist) can be projected to mankind.
Know thyself. There is a common vehicle of identity we call the self. To think it has material value will cause selfish impulses. The fluid aspect of life (timing) makes self expression, which is the reason for sharing. The shared experience becomes truth which is basically balanced projections of reality.
Differing opinions create the power perceptions. Batteries and generators need two poles. Power is a two party system. The dynamic of The United States Constitution that overwhelms social evolution is pairing equality with individual rights. As long as opponents respect the need for each other the game gets better.


Blogger ME Strauss said...

Ah Brad,
A member of humanity in human resources. Glory be and thank you. May your perspective add something to the view.
Letting me be.

1/5/06, 11:15 AM  

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