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Monday, February 20, 2006

meditation IS waiting

What if life is the waiting room?
How much do I have to wait alone?
Can others even go with me?
Who is the appointment with this time?
Doctors, lawyers, powers that be?
Does honesty help it to cost less?
How many return visits will be needed?

Isn't a routine just a habit?
How many of your habits seem healthy?
Doesn't this seem like an attempt to make life predictable?
Couldn't being adaptable more advantageous?

Why do we have two eyes?
Can people with wide-spread eyes have better perspective?
Do people with closer eyes have a narrower point of view?
What can it mean to realize?
Could the best answer be a question?

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Blogger Imemine said...

You don't have to wait. You can watch your thought while waiting. This is not waiting. This is meditation. If you get carried away, don't panic. This is thinking. Often it is not wrong to think. After all we are made to think. To suppress thinking is to suppress yourself. However don't invest too much energy on it. Just observe your thoughts.

5/14/06, 1:54 AM  

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