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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Human being is half verb

Being gives itself credit with Human awareness, when we eat from the tree of knowledge. Self focus lets us forget our debt to nature becoming the worse manners to our Creator. The parents represent (mother earth and the seeds of life) working to pass on the mannerisms of self-sustainability. Our development layers response abilities. The order, like nature can be harsh and confusing. These are the weeds in the Garden of Eden (reason). Punishment was the first dandelion that so easily goes out of control and will most likely make things worse. Blame and shame are in the "worse" category because they remove responsibility. Restoring the garden means replacing weeds with better potential interests. The growth systems balance basic needs into stages of harvested understanding. The efforts' intensity can be overwhelming, physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. (spiritually)

Extending rights of personal style helps me get it. Observation is like the patience for listening and must be exercised. If you think I'm trying to tell you anything then there is rejection reflexes involved but sharing understanding is the feeling of the interview. Projected weaknesses ride on opinions. Offering the value of experience takes timing the presentation of facts (answers). Questions show the limits of my understanding in order to illuminate dark suspicions.

How can we evolve this punitve style of government?
Can't more see that blaming and shaming is costly?
Will mediation ever replace arbitration?
Could restorative justice be the next paradigm?
Is talking to yourself crazier that punishing yourself?
Which way to the garden?


Blogger vivacemusica said...

I've visited your blog a few times since you left a comment -- your electronic, digital footprint -- on mine.

I don't know that I want to go back to the "garden," for that would probably mean the dissipation of not only "self-focus" and forces destructive to the wholeness of nature, but also interesting discussions such as yours.

Had to laugh though, when I read, "If you think I'm trying to tell you anything then there is rejection reflexes involved...." So true, it's my first instinct as both an admirer and cynic of the world.

4/19/06, 10:25 PM  
Blogger jim said...

mediation and arbiration got us where we are today in this country and maybe the world.

restorative justice sounds like just another way for insurance companies to leave you worse off than before you bought their policies and needed anything.

the garden is not far away, but there are a lot of hampering hangups surrounding getting to it.

most spiritual systems tie you up and put you in the corral.

some do worse, they ride you like a horse.

5/14/06, 12:48 PM  
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