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Thursday, May 18, 2006

sharing is not-for-profit

What can destroy this whole value system is the debt-dealers.
The Savings and Loan bailout implied how debt was becoming drug-like dealing.
Credit has become the vehicle to addict users with unhealthy practices.
The government is losing credit from the individuals and corporations that most used its' support for their success when tax values are so unrespected.
Are only store shoppers expected to pay for what they get?
Officials can't operate freely when their supporters hold them in debt.
The financial standards of election procedures cause debts of trustability when the expense is half for losing and the profit of a win is conceptual positioning.
Profit doesn't work for service because to some degree it is extortion.
Profit is attached to product performance improvement.
To the degree you get what you pay for, demonstrates value.
The service and information age demands a non-profit attitude for sustainability adjustment balancing.
Education demonstrates that teachers paid mainly for babysitting by salary.
True teaching is donated by the ability to give understanding (by example).
Because changing applications means no one can become an authority anymore (without supplementation systems), authoritarianism is obsolete.
Lawyers and doctors depend on the newer, better methods, that is why their businesses are called practices.
Religions demonstrate that the spirit of service and information (truth) is about the value potential of donation and appreciation.
The next revolution will be a not-for-profit attitude that shares responsibility.
IT is what you can DO because what we HAVE is getting in the way.
Human being is half verb.



Blogger Crunchy Weta said...

The IMF loans out money to poor countries at low (!) interest.. however the countries loaning the money only have to front with 10% of the loaned money to lend 100% (+ gaurantee the rest if need be) - therefore they are getting an actual return 10 times that which it is lent out. What is that all about!!?

5/26/06, 2:35 AM  

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