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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I don't mean to complain . .

The critical phase is critical because it's about self-approval. Teenagers criticize their parents as reaction to the rules phase. The rules that we decide are most important will create an approval index . This is like the checks and balances of democracy except the three branches are thoughts, feelings, and meanings which define acceptability.

How we spin around this core creates the gravity factors. How can we address the need to make heavy comments and still take ourselves lightly? This is how the harshness of our reality decides other punishing conditions.

Complaints show the weakness of our understanding. How we handle discomfort shows a relationship to our nervous system. Growing pains can mean progress. Finding the path of least resistance means confronting the obstacles with graceful interest. When desires get beyond control maintenance consuming becomes indulgence. Complaints are over-weight emotions.

Happiness is the feeling of winning so the dependency on a loser can set up frustration. The social value of happiness may be why so much conflict exists. If people think their extremes of happiness can be removed from the risk of equal sadness then they are cheating themselves.

Deception factors can be realized through depression. Steps to alleviating this dis-ease in our community will craft a more sharable truth. To the degree you believe in the value of secrets indicates willingness to disadvantage honesty.

Healthy attitude motivates sharing discovery processes. When I learned to relax into the lesson without projecting an answer more was revealed as feelings of contentment. Like Tai Chi neutralization (by balancing) is meditation in motion. Praising what IS (constantly) must be the secret of prayer.
If you're asking God for something, you are complaining (desiring more or less). Contentment can go beyond desire.

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Blogger Imemine said...

Live and let live.

We should examine our values and standards. If they are relevant or useful at all.

5/14/06, 1:38 AM  
Blogger Imemine said...

Just an idea.
I think if one sees everything as a unity, all conflicts will be dissolved in oneself. If other people keep having conflict with themselves and others, that's their business. We should not add more to it.
Anyway too much thinking and analysis can actually make it even more complicated because of the use of too many words.
One must be able to say: "Enough of this!"

5/14/06, 1:45 AM  

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