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Thursday, June 01, 2006

reflecting themes..

Relying on rules (as material standards) make judgment both bad and good. Finding exceptions made teaching better as a process (that ends not until I do). Marriage could be the best partnership due to the vow, "for better or for worse."
That person never has to be bad again if you accept unconditional love as the standard to purify self-love. Love can become better than being "in-love" when it seems more in control and adaptable. Exceptions came before rules or life would be so exceptional.

Those open to the options of life that freedom offers have to realize that blaming and shaming is the inability to share responsibility. Name calling projects levels of judgment that reveal limiting emotional intelligence factors of the caller. Kids can be so innocent when they pay attention to differences until adults think bad things are implied. The reflex to upset victimizes exponentially.

The need to punish is burden of government and how it devalues teachers to keep education away from freedom. Systems try to force pre-conceived results. Materialists try to mould uniform behavior constraints for controlling reactions to their demands (rules).

Stream of conscious observation directs awareness, The better relation than victim of/& provider recognizes support systems of natural discovery. Like the garden (of Eden) of the hunter-gatherer, seasonal awareness ( exceptional timing) supports contentment.

What upset the provider (Creator) was wanting knowledge over others of SELFish powers. Desire to be clothed was to produce false imagery of "better-than" thus creating judgment - beyond discretion. That apple tree story helps me to remind readers of source materials in my Dec. archives. I tried to plant the seed of Common Sense to nourish developing balance of powers.

My respect of teaching is to share the stories that hunt for the purest truth-gathering points of view. Revolving repetition like the sun, the moon, the earth, create layers of recognition that seasonal patience extends understanding unity. As drops of reflection pool together, a reservoir of hiSTORIES give us the opportunity to float our boat(s) and fish. The bigger fish (or their stories) are sharable lessons.


Blogger Crunchy Weta said...

HIja, I really enjoy reading the things you write. You employ what I would call Chinese style logic in your writing. My experiences as an ESL teacher have revealed several logic styles in writing.. Western logic is kind of a-->b--> c in a linear fashion, explaining all the steps. Eastern European logic kind of zigzags from one side of an argument to another before reaching a conclusion. Chinese logic seems to be spiral like , circling inwards before finally reaching a conclusion -but the arguments are as if you draw a straight line across the spiral and say only the points where the line and spiral link. The effect is a little like lateral thinking but somehow different.
Relating this to your writing - Your sentences/paragraphs begin at one point and then leap to another point which at first may seem unrelated, but with a little thought the development of the argument can be followed. I don't mean any of this to be in any way critical of your writing style - as I said I really enjoy it.
As to content, I agree with a lot of your points, but by no means all, but I'm sure your ideas expand or change over time as well. One area that I find particularly gnarly is that of truth. The search for truth seems to me to be kind of pointless. There is that which we agree upon as common, that which we believe, that which we construct from a logic that begins with assumptions, and there is that which may or may not be universal but are never able to prove. Truth is truth and nothing else is. One way or another we can never prove something to be true across all time and space, let alone know what our existence consists of - so why bother? What we think we experience as reality or truth is all we can really go on so we should just go with that.?
Bye for now

6/2/06, 4:10 AM  

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