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Sunday, July 09, 2006

care for despair

The anxiety treatment of my informative years
is now a designer depression drug business.
The seeds of desperation start with the first weed
of selfish denial to share responsibilities,
keeping others beholding instead of
being able to share the joys of living.
To be taken seriously people project desperate
concerns for attention manipulation.

Relaxing meanings to allow acceptance makes
democratic principles evolve understanding.
Progressive purposes release powers once
denied consideration for better caregiving
properties too easily show mismanagement.
In relation to patience, healing exalts the wound
as a badge of living beyond protected security.
Extend potential adaptation to our survival rate.

Attitude advancement shows how invested
interests build appreciation for experimentation
as research and development works comfortably
to gather elemental agreements together for
creativity inspires praise to feelings of equality
until distinctions force individual fears for cost
to pay for the effort to lower desperation levels
to where there could be no abortion by choice.


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