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Sunday, August 13, 2006

neo-con dis-ease

It seems to be time to recognize how change has happened to our government.
The new-conservative ideals (NeoCons) have made some radical differences to our quality of life. The kind of response abilities they took became reactionary enough to leave conservatism behind. The quality of time left for family values while they distract us disregarding rights as far back as the ten commandments means the conservative ideal to limit government needs new considerations.

The use of deception, denial, and threats which has plagued the world with war intentions and took our country into toxic debt turmoil means most Americans have a heightened sense of dis-ease. Even the act of losing ourselves in work has become a kind of therapy for most Americans. The way the more moneyed classes are able to avoid their tax responsibilities show that the real terror trauma is money.

There is a credit for debt imbalance that draws on a "for profit" attitude that is disturbing a majority of self values. The way banks charge us to help the economy shows that the foundation of our economy is getting deteriorated from within. This aggravates a kind of election process that sells a us a candidate (opinion) like a product. There is a product based limitation keeping us in the past that is based on the industrial revolution. Choices have been designed so we can be charged for them.

The best reality lies in the development of the information age and the appreciation of a service industry mentality. To re-establish the spirit of community nurturing has to bring out donated time to learn better feelings that can dissolve status battles. This starts with the respect for the right to opposing opinions so we can approach those within our own human make-up. Emotions confuse thoughts too reflexively. Educational experiencing is balancing our awareness with responsive behavior models.

Learning to check the negating reflexes can help protest progress into helpful observations if punitive expectations can be relaxed. Judgment has the power of disruption when the victim feels victimized. Restorative justice depends on a spiritual trust. The best spirit can come from how freedom is defined. Generosity gives people time to learn for themselves.

Every boss, parent, teacher, etc. has said, "do what I say, (not what I do)." This awareness of double standards (and the ridicule cycle created) is basic borderline behavior disorder. This use of feeling authority to remove conscience (like military boot-camp) undermines the values of family trust.

Sharing the choice to give therapy is the chance to tell hopes and fears in turn. With freedom to be agents of our own(ing the) country we should award ourselves grants in relation to what we feel has been taken from US.


Blogger jim said...

There are a lot of problems here, top down is the way to go, but that is not likely unless you know how.

What a knot, can you untie it out there? Or will it unravel?

Is help on the way?

It is a crime, what the law is doing.

8/14/06, 11:51 PM  
Blogger jim said...

Also, the 'generosity gives time to learn',

this is stolen, this time, and the money that one receives instead doesn't buy it back, time is not money, nor can the money buy learning if there is no time left.

Generosity from the top would do wonders, but generosity is lost to greed, and also to our own demands, demand undermines time?

8/19/06, 11:35 PM  

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