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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

paragraphs reversed from this mornings stream

My first form of expression was to cry when removed from my mother's nourishing environment. The pain of separation seems to be my primary communication motivation. Awareness is a freedom from preprogramming. Taking self-responsibility can feel like losing connection from past securities.

The most therapeutic form of expression seems to be what makes poetry an art. The way words can encourage awareness should be of interest to anyone who is going to parent or manage productively.

The idea of being an author is like surveying the boundaries of mental properties. I hope I am not becoming authoritarian. The authoritarian has the most restrictive boundaries and seems the least prepared for the inevitability of change.

Rehearsing words can be a poetical search for meaning. How much emotional work is done by the thought department? Creating the need for coherence is the role education takes responsibility for. Experience is my main reference point. Points of view become opinions to either play with or take seriously.

It is so interesting to me when I think I think too much. I even think about the voice I use to write. In a way it seems like I am designing a lecture or presentation. Driving in my car alone, I could seem to be talking to someone without the phone.


Blogger jim said...

I wonder now, reading your post here, about the authoritarian and the ego, one and the same?

Experience is vital for my talks, but learning that has become integrated with those experiences has become their growth, I think.

Learning tho is edited or checked by experience, empathy and emotion.

On one level emotion and thinking are one, driven. On another something more changes them, then gets checked by experience and empathy.

But in all, compassion and mercy are invited, if not already involved, and they can rule the day.

Great post Bradford, insightful.

8/24/06, 1:34 AM  

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