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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

entitle yourself

Do you know how easy it is to tell people were fed fear as parental protocol, use fear as management propriety, allow fear to consume proportions of their income. It is called the profit motive to cover insurance demands so the odds are it is so familiar that recognition of less (being better) becomes deprivation. Focus of awareness IS less (distraction). Trust the few who can let go (of fear). How will I know this new truth? When it is easy to see the fear in others? ISn't that MY projection? Can it be part of the purge of slavery? Most fear losing their health plan so they keep enslaving jobs. Maybe all jobs would become less harsh if health concerns were an entitlement, like they tell us freedom is.


Blogger Catherine Bronte said...

My fears keep me where I am, jobwise. I'm afraid of interviews, so I won't go anywhere else, possibly giving myself the opportunity to be more happy.

Also, like you mention, I fear not having the excellent health care plan that I now currently have.

9/12/06, 8:18 AM  
Blogger jim said...

Freedom is an entitlement? Someone should tell the governor of texas that!

Now me, they took everything from me, everything that seemed to make and give me freedom. Now my freedom is very simple. To be more free, I have to regain what they took, but I can't do that because I know the will have me by the ....

9/12/06, 10:58 PM  
Blogger bradford said...

Isn't that(inalienable rights) why we went to war, to share?

9/13/06, 8:34 AM  

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