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Journaling conceptual design trends, mostly as "stream of consciousness" as encouragement. Environmental resolve will teach us peace. Paradox mediation provides the next healthy attitude.

Saturday, December 29, 2007


Privacy is personal freedom of a spiritual nature so,
fear of disrespect turns it into secrecy.
This would imply that people with secrets disrespect themselves,
and the denial defenses are symptomatic pathologies.
Secretion is a separative process of removing toxins that could be natural privacy if a feeling of discomfort keeps it private out of respect.
When toxins affect others and the creator does NOT want response-ability it becomes secreted. (to face deception, know thyself)
Secret people don't know they are oozing with obviousness to the experienced self-healer. (thus confession is prescription)
To be discreet is the key to balancing the education of privacy,
so information must come in doses for risk of over-doing.
If I secrete (in) concentration (form) I hope it is not toxic to you!
I don't get-off on dilution any more so don't take it personal.


Friday, December 28, 2007


TRY NOT to complain
even when being
critical is appropriate.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Go(o)d head

Don't let religion get in the way of spirituality!

Why can't there be A Creator so great at design that every being is appreciated?

Couldn't the actions of human judgment deserve the punish-meant they would wish on others?

Conceptually design a Go(o)d that appreciates all of the costumes that religions use to outfit their Greatest being.

I observe how designing my behavior effects the lives in my environ-meant with as much appreciation for the appropriate duration ~ (I talk too much, above heads)!
& trust it is given at-tension ~ energetically, without (the) force (of defense)


Haven't I posted before for the conceptual art of idea propagation?
Nano-tech was introduced to my imagination by Neil Stephenson, in his book Diamond Age, the title conjures how nano-machines will put together micro-formulas but to just put carbon atoms next to each other means sheets of diamond could be cheeper than glass!
Extruding people was visualized in The Fifth Element (movie) when that character was reconstructed from a small sample of her DNA.
Reservoirs of atoms (like the ocean) will be rearranged to provide redesigned support structures of social stability. Picture perfect petrol made with no toxic refinement necessary, and not another drop of oil removed from its' natural environment?
Could this be the best case scenario for what The Singularity represents?
If Artificial Intelligence keeps amplifying human awareness towards awesome design, defensive reflexes must relax into new forms of trust.

Monday, December 24, 2007

get what is taken?

Advantage is a trap
that takes character
from both victims.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

benefit the most

I feel my son is so advanced in self determination
that since he is less than six months from eighteen
I told him (after I saw STARDUST) that when
I am free to give him nothing is when freedom
allows us to benefit the most ~
gifts aren't things but
light of love reflected,
lucky the clearer mirror!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

unpolarized party

The balance between conservative forces and liberal energies maintains life.
The body originates conservative forces in the form of senses that collect memories to conserve our awareness.
Consciousness takes responsibility from natural awareness and with interpretation makes it better or worse.
To keep observation neutral takes a liberal openness to questioning conclusions in order to emphasize process.
Journalism (as process) is liberal, commentary attempting answers is conservative.
Answers become limiting if they aren't open to experience to encourage an expert to emerge out of an authority figure.
Monarchy was the ultimate system of authority over all the land that needed to be transformed with the liberal sharing of the rule of law.
Understanding how this process started with The Magna Cartas, through the Declaration of Independence, to the Constitutional Government that allowed the individual rights of property ownership is the spark that developed this Information Age.
The truth is possible to process from many conclusions so history offers us trends to demonstrate how the active natural principles react to the emerging properties of human awareness.
Conceptual properties are being valued as something that can be a physical document put into A Trust, like money.
The way money freed us from The Gold Standard of Kings is like how democracy freed us from the family values of continuing the fathers' profession.
Family destiny was THE conservative standard for lifetimes until liberal (evolution of) education allowed the freedom of personal choice to grow.
Strict behavior is conservative so for healthier growth to be possible this becomes a symptom to encourage better balance.
Credit generosity is liberal so to use credit makes conservatives defensive so generous donation becomes the equalizer spirit that makes emotions more content.
Let us give each other the chance for restorative justice to keep evolving exponentially in better balance!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

love being happy?

Happiness is your relationship with frustration (under control), if love is sanity (happy/peace), in~love is in~sanity (excitement/frustration). I can enjoy both when my spirit is amplified by emotional contentment (balance.)

judgment complains

At Book Passages I saw the book A Complaint Free World. This validation reminded me of a sticker I made for my car five years ago saying, "to maintain contentment, refrain complaint."

My conceptual art is about conflict resolution. IMAGINE!
The balance of positive and negative poles maintains the energy of awareness. ~ imagination
The demands of reasoning inspire emotional support from the spirit of unity. ~ peaceful society
To include as many variations in the understanding of environmental limitations became the motivation of commUNITY. partner innovation
The computer represents a tool of reasoning that has bought on The Information Age we now live in. "uni"verse of thought by consciousness collection

The challenge of emotion is to understand reflexive chemicals of actions exercised. ~ healthy attitude by drug experimentation?
Watching my kids wake-up in the morning reminded me of my own dad waking me up as a child in the different settings of my youth.
I came to the conclusion that the chemical that wakes awareness is the reflexive fuel of anger. how grumpy do you awaken?
The preparation for the sake of ease helps motivate appreciation of what must be done for awareness to avoid dis-ease. . wake-up less angry?

Complaint is the denial of critical appreciation when awareness is stimulated beyond choice. ~ without blame ~
Choice is the freedom to make situations wonderful by wondering what is better . . ~&~
praise is the concept behind the First Commandment that appreciates (without the complaint of desiring any manifestation beyond) a better awareness as living a purpose.
Service is the response-ability of appreciating the right for others to exist, even before the reasons are discovered . . ~So~
my exercise for my teens is to turn complaints into sarcastic praise for something as I discover how criticism and approval balance judgment.

Monday, December 17, 2007



Could the pursuit of happiness yield something better?
A life of liberty implies a process of giving up all attachments but to appreciate the gift I must use it up, to a point (of closure.)
Happiness is in relation to frustration because it is physical but the emotional equivalent is the balanced feeling of contentment.
The spiritual process of dealing with the changes of the physical and emotional influences allows us to enjoy the show as the joy of observation.

Awareness is more of a gift by NOT WANTING.
Accepting what is not expected is the surprise allows spiritual manifestation.
Wanting is a human condition related to degrees of frustration.
Frustration upsets awareness with self indulgence that wants for experience.
The ultimate teachers have suggested sacrifice as the healthiest experience.
Desire feeds us, gets us enough sleep, and improves many conditions but,
exaggeration creates toxins to truth, distracting the spirit (of trust.
Patho/logical thinking makes death worse than a part of living trustworthy.)
Giving into generosity reinforces the generation of enlightenment.

Paying attention is the generosity of caring that is an inclusive value system.
Giving money with best intention can be medicinal for internal chemistry.
Parenting demonstrates how the support funds increase exponentially.
The support of friends can reflect unresolved care cost concerns.
The fees of therapists respect the forms of study they put in time for, but,
their creativity is inspired by generosity of sharing imagination.
How much can we want our dreams? aren't they gifts of subconscious care?

Saturday, December 15, 2007

wishing you warmth

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Friday, December 14, 2007

true this time?

Truth is a mythical being like the phoenix,
continually reborn from the ashes of the last one.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

fung say

I am
aware of unitys'
fragmented patterns in each day
restarting habits to deny options'
recognition to form constant
change for the better restores
mistaken actions of care-givers
allowance invested to appreciate
poetic adaptation designs energy
released arraigning imagery
beyond rational closure
to encourage currency
questions inspiring potential
spiritual growth permeating
amazing motivational space
in task distribution maintenance
meditation in natural crafting

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

imposed recognition

The trouble with being famous is when they don't like being liked (that way.) Artists let their work free (them.) Agents price secrets.

we who laugh, last

Every person IS the right to have a story, if you want THAT right.
Taking it personal is a trick to keep yourself thinking that "they" actually CAN agree with you, but if you know freedom then they can only share spirit (imagination, not thoughts.)
Thoughts are (frames 0f) a movie you can forget tomorrow since you'll be changing, hopefully!
The purest fun is mixing-up the stories for the healthiest surprise is the laugh.
How many can trust that lack of control? (make yourself laugh?)
Imposing comes from the imposed upon.
Thought control is believable to those who controlling themselves by thinking, "What's next?"
Surprise! it's changed, so be content with the best feeling so you can enjoy not knowing how surprises keep coming.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

recondition love

The greatest teacher can say they are the child of a Creator
and not be exclusive (for love sake.)
Unconditional love implies no limitations
so any definition of God is a condition
that fragments the awareness of awesome integrity
allowing unacceptability to exist.
I am inclined to define attitudes acceptable
when they are (sympathetic.)
Exceptions were made before rules
or we would all be so exceptional.


at tribute

Why is "Do as I say, not what I do!" such a common expression?
This tendency is being studied as Borderline Personality Disorder which I understand as reflexively acting on different standards than what is believed to be right (to demand from others.) This denial is cross-rationalization that short-circuits self-respect and projects problems on others to feel less responsibility or victimization.
Sharing (standards) was the (principle) purpose of Ten Commandments, so universal understanding means removing accumulated reflexes patho/logically attached to basic (thousands of years unencumbered) ideals.
Principles are spiritual guidance, standards are cultural emotional baggage. laws are rational limitations of defining restorative justice (but tend to be punitive.)
Desperation is the feeling that needs to be treated to find more integrity.
I try to "attribute" exaggeration rather than blame falsification.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

unconditional analysis

The most popular creation story suggests that Adam was in ignorant bliss until Eve suggested he eat from the knowledge of good and evil.
Partners are necessary to change, which is basically what living is.
Change needs to be related to others in terms of better or worse.
The best partner is a benefactor for providing resources.
The worse partner is parasitic, to label this evil is amusing as the word LIVE backwards.
Forward evolving starts with the (ultimate) act of love manifesting a benefactor role as parents.
The purity of unconditional love inherited might be the seed of artistic potential.
The first line of the post implies (if you know the whole story) that God was not unconditional, so to me creation is as much scientific (judgmental/analytical) as artistic (unconditional/love.)
So does being analytical take living apart? ~ (live backwards knowledge?)
as it is (evolving), can we embrace it (science & art/stories) to balance judgment as more acceptable to all?

active waiting

The paradox of waiting is how anxious we can become for conclusion.
Waiting is due to duration awareness ultimately because how of it gets passed on to mankind as the individuals end.
I keep waiting to get more aware but everyone with something to sell is trying to steal my attention.
If the intention of quality showed (more obviously) in the behavior, then the kind of waiting that restores perspective could share more value for giving credit.

Is it a meditative state when the teacher within says, "Are you more honest to the world (with behavior) than you'll ever be to yourself!"?
This is the power of dramas' ability to unlock insight.
"Actions speak louder than words"
The time dimension allows continuity to appreciate standards of behaving effectively for better cause to become process sharing (like a game.) Is meditation a fun way to wait for You?

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

weapons for peace

This president is right to suspect that any collection (stockpile) of weapons has offensive effects on its owners (country) as symptomatic aggression.
Any willingness to use any weapon for any reason has denied The Commandment of the TEN that most combines a part of all the others admitting mistrust of fairness (disrespect of living (God.)
The desire to maintain any weapon provokes unnatural considerations (odds can be taken advantage of.) ~ undemocratically manipulated
How leaders fight for their position will always yield criminal tendencies.
The government that understands Its' responsibility for nurturing life (care giving) will start by destroying its weapons of mass destruction.
I support the formation of a department of PEACE ~ the tool of war has not
worked for drugs, or the war on poverty, or war of candidates (remember how W. Bush attacked McCain, ravaging his own party!)
Forget the border wall and just put it around Washington D.C. to keep the criminally insane in. Most inmates have less blood on their hands! so let them be the guards. Maybe they relate (ultimate victimizer balanced by victims of justice) closer than we'd like to think? (responsible for distressing others)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

care to trust

Care is a scale from love to hate
with contentment as neutral center.
Indifference is without care due to
ignorance on the natural end,
becoming depression through the pathology of denial
(on the man-made end.)
Blame is misplaced responsibility
due to lost appreciation.
Praise is prayer in its' highest form
due to appreciation levels.
Being happy is a kind of self-care
in relation to frustration on the physical plain.
Contentment is emotional stability
when a spirit comes from physical balance.
Enjoyment is the indication of spiritual extenuation.

Conflict resolution is the enjoyment of finding paradox
matching-up attraction (like an oxymoron.)
Accumulation of energy must be mated
with negative and positive poles to be stored as a battery.
This is The Game of Life when there is respect
for an opponent.
We are our own worse enemy
when self-respect is imbalanced.
Education is how rules of The Game change by degrees.
~ * ~ * ~
Elemental values started with Gold as King.
The Gold Standard (is) attached to monarchy.
Profit is a production value
which fueled The Industrial Revolution.
The American Revolution gave property
to individual states from empires.
Equality values gave us individual freedoms (to indulge.)
Property as a physical location is becoming polluted
by toxic misunderstanding.
What will free awareness, to balance misunderstanding,
are conceptual values, as creative processes.
Conceptual properties can be accumulated in TRUST.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

impeach meant?

Changing this administration with impeachment is due to combativeness.
What if we don't change how the VP is in charge? (before the next election!)
The Electoral College system is obsolete enough bring this country to this point of disrepair!
The Vice-President role is powerful enough to encourage a Democratic administration to demonstrate power sharing. The combining of campaign funds for community recognition of cooperation would change the world. Give everyone who has talent an opportunity to choose a conflict and communicate the options available for Restorative Justice. This punitive system feeds the complaint. The last winner took too much, and made the losers look responsible. Stop playing that game by working to better examples (to yourself-approval style)
Campaign reform could revert back to a more primary type of voting for candidates instead of delegates, OR each participant could contribute their role to a UNITY convention for designing a better administration (process.)
Allowance for witness experience by sharing ideas locally comes easily to the location in a incorporated county community, but federal friction is fearful.
Inclusion opportunities, on local TV with our county commissioners, are better.
Concepts of democracy appreciate diversity until criminal critical limits are set to end victimization feelings with resolved role-understanding mediation.
Disparity is the imbalanced justice payments imposing attention that subtracts values that allow sharing interests.
Contributing consideration points multiply abilities to respond respectfully.
Offer more excuses to donate support-securing behavior to a common party.
When can more attention be paid to the whole by letting the unattached
be/come a part removed as damage control?