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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

unpolarized party

The balance between conservative forces and liberal energies maintains life.
The body originates conservative forces in the form of senses that collect memories to conserve our awareness.
Consciousness takes responsibility from natural awareness and with interpretation makes it better or worse.
To keep observation neutral takes a liberal openness to questioning conclusions in order to emphasize process.
Journalism (as process) is liberal, commentary attempting answers is conservative.
Answers become limiting if they aren't open to experience to encourage an expert to emerge out of an authority figure.
Monarchy was the ultimate system of authority over all the land that needed to be transformed with the liberal sharing of the rule of law.
Understanding how this process started with The Magna Cartas, through the Declaration of Independence, to the Constitutional Government that allowed the individual rights of property ownership is the spark that developed this Information Age.
The truth is possible to process from many conclusions so history offers us trends to demonstrate how the active natural principles react to the emerging properties of human awareness.
Conceptual properties are being valued as something that can be a physical document put into A Trust, like money.
The way money freed us from The Gold Standard of Kings is like how democracy freed us from the family values of continuing the fathers' profession.
Family destiny was THE conservative standard for lifetimes until liberal (evolution of) education allowed the freedom of personal choice to grow.
Strict behavior is conservative so for healthier growth to be possible this becomes a symptom to encourage better balance.
Credit generosity is liberal so to use credit makes conservatives defensive so generous donation becomes the equalizer spirit that makes emotions more content.
Let us give each other the chance for restorative justice to keep evolving exponentially in better balance!


Blogger jim said...

I read a lot of these tonight, this morning, and enjoyed them, will think about the many points and conjectures Bradford.

My, you are having a busy month, lots to see, huh?

Great Art, thanks for the views.

12/21/07, 2:07 AM  
Blogger BBC said...

"The balance between conservative forces and liberal energies maintains life."

I've said that myself, only in different ways. In theory the two maintain a balance of moderation.

It's not a very good system though, it would be better if everyone just practiced moderation in the first place.

Greed factors into all that a lot also. I'm convinced that mankind is on a path of destruction, and all I can do is sit on the side and watch it happen.

Oh well, because they installed the high speed cable yesterday and I moved and started using my new computer at least my desk got cleaned up.

I discovered a few years back that you can just toss the old notes and articles that you were going to talk about because the pile will soon start growing again. Into an other pile that you again never get around too.

Too much to say, to little time to say it, and maybe it doesn't make any difference.

But high speed allows me to surf the Internet Insane Asylum faster. Get my news and views of the bigger picture faster.

I should just turn it all off and go camping. We are but specks of cosmic dust, so to speak.

When I'm out camping or sitting on a beach getting the current news at least my mind isn't as troubled. And I feel closer to Goddess out there.

Mutter, mutter.

12/23/07, 6:04 AM  
Blogger BBC said...

I said "When I'm out camping or sitting on a beach getting the current news at least my mind isn't as troubled."

I meant 'not' getting the news.

12/23/07, 6:06 AM  

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