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Monday, December 17, 2007



Could the pursuit of happiness yield something better?
A life of liberty implies a process of giving up all attachments but to appreciate the gift I must use it up, to a point (of closure.)
Happiness is in relation to frustration because it is physical but the emotional equivalent is the balanced feeling of contentment.
The spiritual process of dealing with the changes of the physical and emotional influences allows us to enjoy the show as the joy of observation.

Awareness is more of a gift by NOT WANTING.
Accepting what is not expected is the surprise allows spiritual manifestation.
Wanting is a human condition related to degrees of frustration.
Frustration upsets awareness with self indulgence that wants for experience.
The ultimate teachers have suggested sacrifice as the healthiest experience.
Desire feeds us, gets us enough sleep, and improves many conditions but,
exaggeration creates toxins to truth, distracting the spirit (of trust.
Patho/logical thinking makes death worse than a part of living trustworthy.)
Giving into generosity reinforces the generation of enlightenment.

Paying attention is the generosity of caring that is an inclusive value system.
Giving money with best intention can be medicinal for internal chemistry.
Parenting demonstrates how the support funds increase exponentially.
The support of friends can reflect unresolved care cost concerns.
The fees of therapists respect the forms of study they put in time for, but,
their creativity is inspired by generosity of sharing imagination.
How much can we want our dreams? aren't they gifts of subconscious care?


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