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Saturday, December 08, 2007

unconditional analysis

The most popular creation story suggests that Adam was in ignorant bliss until Eve suggested he eat from the knowledge of good and evil.
Partners are necessary to change, which is basically what living is.
Change needs to be related to others in terms of better or worse.
The best partner is a benefactor for providing resources.
The worse partner is parasitic, to label this evil is amusing as the word LIVE backwards.
Forward evolving starts with the (ultimate) act of love manifesting a benefactor role as parents.
The purity of unconditional love inherited might be the seed of artistic potential.
The first line of the post implies (if you know the whole story) that God was not unconditional, so to me creation is as much scientific (judgmental/analytical) as artistic (unconditional/love.)
So does being analytical take living apart? ~ (live backwards knowledge?)
as it is (evolving), can we embrace it (science & art/stories) to balance judgment as more acceptable to all?


Blogger Vincent said...

Ah there is much in this! As for the Creation story in Genesis, I don't know if to the Jews it explains original sin as it does to the Christians. Tto me it explains that God is the one to blame. Man and woman were innocent. He played agent provocateur and framed them both.

12/9/07, 4:45 AM  
Blogger brad4d said...

that was the price of freedom in the form of choice, to have no regrets means "Destiny" gets the blame as the im)balance of self-response-ability. I appreciate provocative teachers, so I try to remember the story-teller is projecting more than he "thinks"

12/9/07, 9:33 AM  
Blogger jim said...

This post is even better Bradford, for me, let me see, in reading I am thinking..

Oh yes, God was not unconditional, and was as you say analytical hence judgemental, as well as unconditional love, the latter being the glue that holds together the words of the former...

And the voice that spoke from himself, Adom, listened to his own voice and was more attracted to it than to that of the whole, for Adom was a part in the whole voice, and so he carved out, in that whole voice, a greater place for himself, and he filled it with devils and demons, and he forgot unconditional love, and he turned analysis and judgement into weapons of the story goes.

Can we fix it? Can we restore our consciousness of true love, and so, temper analysis and judgement and use them for our true and highest benefit, the benefit that begats unconditional love between us all, can we have that which will restore us to one fabric that we were originally, where we are more than a part of the whole again, again a whole part?

May have lost it at the end, hope we don't do the same!

12/10/07, 10:11 PM  

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