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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

intro & credits

this next post is the poetic nugget smelted from an alchemical week-end of mixing other relations into my daughter's definition of MY freedom. So when Peggy & Jack (who took her to London) showed up while Rebecca and Gary molded their projects to fruition, the spirit of sharing more time TOGETHER, became a deeper sense. The episode (w/Rebecca) to bring the Bodhisattva's head sculpture to Seinic Fairfax, became a powerful party of creative endeavorers, magnetized by Burning Man w/ hand-made music involved. Thanks Ruby & Geoff for so many intros.
So creating potential meeting space here at the house has been most of my exercise while finishing a commissioned butler shelf. I do indulge in some feeling sorry for myself when I play the "Cinderfella" role sometimes, but creative maintenance can be the best therapy there is. Gary has been the greatest teacher of care-giver patience-building while playing the janitor puzzle.
. . and of course, Marco was instrumental to advancing the design force. thanks FRIENDS


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