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Thursday, November 08, 2007


Spiritual quality is a value of behavior.
To recognize awareness is the gift of spirituality.
Understanding is to give-in-wardly for (and to) others.
Inspiration is released spirituality.
Toxic leadership makes others give-in to being taken advantage of, as property becoming awareness of quantity for design quality.
Are two eyes, and ears just to balance our faces? (aware of stereo and 3-D?)
There is a subtle expanded awareness from partnership.
We learn sharing by maintaining balanced senses of role playing.

The roles in marriage have been made "for profit" with the legal arguments!
What if it is how our system of marriage defends injustices of gender roles that can thwart generosity and sharing socially.
Instead of making "marriage" more legally inclusive,
the legal freedom within partnerships should have more obvious benefits of healthy relation development by easing all legal advantage.
Credit is not valued (freedom) in legal systems (still punishing victims.)
For better or for worse democracy demands less taxing legal complications.
Libertarian attitudes helps individual self-acceptance of odd-balling as funny.
I enjoy feeling queer even NOT having gay considerations (or denial.)
Being different is what makes a free society.


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