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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

responsive self

Can we take the responsibility for how we make others feel?
How freely does the character of a whole country relate to leadership responsibility?
Can the extreme difference in the last two administrations offer observations of judgment reduced neutrally by simply defining behavior parameters?
The Bush cabal seems exclusive reaction to the almost too inclusive group dynamic that Clinton's White House image projected.
The relativity theory of equal and opposite reactions balance the similarity factors of permeating attitude adjustments for founding party s.
Better choice allows restorative recognition of the natural dichotomy to lessen the punitive costs of defensive offensiveness.
The Bush Bullsh*t (fertilizer) is necessary for the quality of service this Information Age can germinate (with honest effort.)
Spirit is the contributive freedom to inspire becoming a do-nation of equals.
Advantage taking is the toxic attraction of compounding imbalance, selfishly.

How content must one be to stop feeling a right to take advantage of parental and other preceding limits?
The gift of life is shared appreciation of being understood as well as expectations allow reality to develop.
I look for light in others so I can reflect into dim corners of the space to fill.


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