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Sunday, August 12, 2007

e~con of me

The CON in economy is becoming more apparent.
Creating the most exchangeable form of value is the purpose of money.
The idea that money is based on gold-standards seems to imply a pirate mentality.
The value of gold is conceptually ornamental, but the symbolic properties are metaphysical.
Useful values need to shift from physical products to information and services.
Health-care, insurance, banks, credit cards, and many more take advantage of beginners by the imbalance created with policy revisions. Capitalist standards withhold information and service for profit motives. This is the alternate to nurturing growth, but the exercise increase seems to be strength but it is callous and insensitive in its limits. Victimization is symptom of the infantile care level penalties perpetuate.

The employment rate is a deceptive manipulation from when each family represented one career person (to tax) to how now the economy has forced each individual to be counted as an indentured prospect. This gets to how the tax system has betrayed individual rights through corporate manipulations for consumerism expansion.

For-profit attitudes keep believers enslaved to the need for excess, thus making their lives imbalanced. The people who have the most (money / power / etc.) are insecure (less trustworthy / trusting) because of expectations of/to pay-off (corruption) for potential.


Blogger BBC said...

Capitalist = Greed

8/14/07, 8:46 PM  
Blogger jim said...

I agree, and applaud the powerful way you say it all.

Switching from stuff as value to info and comm as value is right and necessary.

You are more than right regarding the enslavement to excess and the unhappiness therefrom (or insecurity, which perpetuates the drive for excess), sounds very Protestant Christian to me, talk about a contradiction.

8/14/07, 9:18 PM  

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