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Friday, July 27, 2007

speaking loose ends . . .

I see value in loose-ends I let clutter my life. The stories (I attach to potential uses of those accumulated memories) extend some kind of balance that can be shared. The way I tell stories too often sounds parental, like I'm trying to teach but the parable is that I'm always (more) willing to learn (than most others.) Many times the listener gets it that I am improvising the interview to actually reveal more of myself (to myself.) This is the chance to relax denial.
The critical squeeze (reflex) tries to make less as an imposed restriction, we back others (and ourselves) into corners. The balance of approval takes patience to incubate (& liberate), meanwhile denial becomes depressing. Adults seem to like a balanced approach but (me) becoming child-like helps others use their parental-edge to lift out of denial a little.
I need to set-up their critical reflex to give them a grip on what to approve.
There is a "tell" behavior when people can't open to suggestion . . .
the "need to listen" rhetoric everyone uses to excuse impatience.


Blogger Vincent said...


7/27/07, 11:58 PM  
Blogger jim said...

The games people play, brought to you by Adam and Eve.

7/30/07, 9:52 PM  

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