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Thursday, July 19, 2007

projecting theory

The projection theory is
that I am the story
(that is (my) life),
everyone else is a screen
that projects a character I am developing,
how it holds together is the continuity of my responsibility to relationship.

(Self) Respect is the currency that powers awareness,
appreciation is the creative source, dis-respect dims the light,
the source of all light is the sun, the center of the SOLar system,
projecting simple principles of formatting a-whereness.

How everything takes shape is more personal responsibility
than projection seems capable of justifying,
unless Self-respect exceeds standards of sharing (so)
I (we) need to consider social structures (as keys (harmonic?).)

Relationship is the law of reason.
I (we) need(ed) others just to be born.
To be able to stand (being) AL-ONE takes a standard of care.
Education is the emotional realm of standards (relating awareness.)
I know I'm spouting spiritual emotion & can't be considered reasonable!


Blogger Roberta S said...

Brad. oh Brad, oH Brad4d. I couldn't agree with you more. And not from inside out, which becomes just my own perspective...but because my whole family tells me all the time that I'm just doing exactly what you're doing.

("sprouting spiritual emotion and can't be considered reasonable")...though not in those exact words.

7/19/07, 9:34 AM  
Blogger Fleming said...

Brad, you have an impressive blog of many facets here, and I look forward to going through it from the beginning, but I especially apprediate this post last Sunday's because -- by incredible coincidence (synchronicity) -- just this morning I was reading Depak Chopra on the creation of one's "reality" through projection. I realize that what you've written is original, but look . . . (The quotations may seem weird, but if you read them in context they're reasonable.)

'Everything that is real at one level of consciousness is unreal at another. . . . Angels exist because they have been projected in consciousness. Just as a movie requires an image, a projector, and a viewer, so do angels. In realms of Vedanta three elements are involved: The seer or observer is rishi [the move house audience which perceives what is created]. The project of projecting is devata [the machine run by the projectionist]. The thing projected is chhandas [the images on the screen]." (LIFE AFTER DEATH, pp. 161-162]

7/19/07, 3:20 PM  
Blogger brad4d said...

Roberta, your stories remind me of John Irving, with real-life lessons expressed with so much fun balanced with risk-taking, the use of food is nourishing.
Fleming, the wisdom in your digestion of information is enlightening, collective consciousness may seem heavy but, "Angels have wing because they take themselves lightly" GKChesterton I believe! thanks!

7/20/07, 7:53 AM  

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