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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Common Sense

Set us free from the selling of concepts for profit ~ CAMPAIGN REFORM NOW! ~ Elections should be like primaries with multiple applicants and they should pay for the job ~ no salaries for congress! All the money that goes into individual candidate support could support the whole government. If contributions payed for government it could be libertarian. Build the fence (border) around Wash D.C. and make officials pay to get out!
Profit motive is the vestige of an Industrial Revolution that has moved to Asia, corporations are turning concepts into products they can sell as material, but in a Service Era of an Information Age, both service and information are being withheld for a profit! WHY shoot our own economy in the heart? Corporations (and excessive individuals) pay more to get out of paying taxes than if they just supported the concept that gives them the most credit!
Our country freed property from the monarchs, now, the new values are being accumulated in TRUSTS ~ NOBODY TRUSTS THE TWO PARTY SYSTEM to do anything but polarize!
Unity means Restorative Justice because defending the punitive system of laws is like the cost of defense and needs re-vision.
Common sense


Blogger jim said...

Yep, full circle, sure is a mess, and complication rules, the more the merrier. I especially like the idea of the fence around them, only I hope they can't afford to get out, let them feel some sting.

Is change in the air, I think so, but what exactly it is, I can't say.

7/1/07, 10:22 PM  
Blogger brad4d said...

There are enough similarities to Nixon and Vietnam to expect an altruistic backlash in experimental community and educational principles to replace costly competitive standards of politoxics.

7/8/07, 4:34 PM  

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